If you’re afraid Big Brother might always be watching, then you’re probably interested in personal security and cybersecurity. If you want to stick it to “the man,” then you’llwant to plan a trip to the Zero Trust Security Summit in Washington, DC. The event will take place on January 24th, 2020, at the Spy Museum.

Despite its somewhat heavy connotations, attending the security summit is a great excuse to spend a long weekend or mini-vacation in Washington. You could plan a family trip around this event or just make a solo outing of it. Continue reading to learn how to make the most of your time in Washington and at the summit.

What Are You Doing At The Summit?

Named for a type of rigorous security model, the Zero Trust Security Summit promises to be a premier event for people interested in security, infosec, and IT. Some of the most influential government and tech leaders will walk you through how the federal government is installing zero trust solutions to modernizing its security and IT environments.

Speakers include departmental leaders from the Department of Homeland Security, the US Department of Agriculture, and the Defense Information Systems Agency.

Once the summit is over, you can spend some time in Washington enjoying the nation’s capital. You may want to go to special landmarks that you have never seen, or you can have a picnic on the mall. You can take tours of the memorials and statues in the area. Plus, there are some historic homes that offer tours and explain the history of each building, who lived there, and how they played a part in American history.

There are many hotels in downtown Washington, DC that are close to the summit. You might stay in a place like the Grand Hyatt Washington, where you can give your kids lots of fun things to do on this mini-vacation. With free Wi-Fi, good on-site dining, and a convenient location, it’s a popular choice. Or there’s the Hamilton Hotel Washington DC, a landmark hotel in the heart of downtown DC. Its classical-meets-modern styling gives an upscale vibe.

Where Are You Going In DC?

You can travel to several different places in DC that will be fun for you and the family. You could go to the US Capitol Building, or you might visit the Washington and Lincoln memorials. You can go to the Vietnam memorial, or you might visit the National Archives.

The Library of Congress allows people to take tours and check their volumes. You can spend some time at one of the many Smithsonian museums. These museums are free, and there are many activities for your kids to try.

Take A Road Trip

If you have come to Washington for the Zero Trust Security Summit, you might want to take a road trip around the Washington, DC area. You can drive into Virginia to see places like Fairfax County and Quantico. You might drive into Maryland for the day, and you can come back to the hotel in the city. Using Washington as your home base makes it easy to have a good time on your trip.

Fine Dining, Art, And Shopping

Fine dining, art, and shopping are all a part of the Washington, DC experience. You can eat at some of the best restaurants in the country, or you might shop at exclusive stores that are located in the middle of this bustling city. You can go to art galleries that will stun you and can walk the city taking pictures of historic buildings and all the historical markers that are present.


Coming to Washington, DC for the Zero Trust Security Summit is a great way for you and your family to have fun in the nation’s capital. You can tour the city, take a road trip, and enjoy some time in the hotel. You might even plan a full family vacation around this conference in January of 2020.