Have you been going and lacked a luxury lodge with jacuzzi, sauna and breathtaking views in Verbier, has in recent years been able to rent crown prince Frederik’s.

however, This requires that you have a well with golden coins in the coffer, for the royale ski chalet costs between staggering 27.800 and 86.800 for a week’s rent. Money tax free has ended up in the crown prince’s own pocket.

– He must be there to rent out. He lives on state benefits and get a good 21 million on the year, opens Additional the Magazine’s editor-in-chief Poul Madsen.

– He lives at our mercy, in the sense that we need to know what he is doing. And since he, of course, is tax and vat exempt, so he can score here income, and so one must jo put apanagen down, if he can earn so much money by the side of, he continues.

Danish royal – 16. jan. 2020 – pm. 07:27 the Crown A/S: Royale business release of tax

It was the crown prince himself, who to See, and Hear revealed, that he the last ten years have owned property in jet-set paradise of Verbier. Since critical questions raised on the strip.

Politicians, however, goes without on the subject, as if it were pure poison.

– Why are the politicians of the hands in relation to it here?

– They dare not otherwise. The politicians, most of them, have in themselves, that it simply is enormously dangerous to lay it out with the royal family, because the politicians see for themselves, that all danes love the royal family, will come after them, says the political commentator Henrik Qvortrup.

– however, I believe that the politicians are taking a little bit of error. It is clear, that there is an audience, no matter what the royal family is running around and doing, just think they are amazing.

– But I think also, that there are still more people who say ‘okay, we have a royal family, fine enough, it is that of a large majority, but they must also behave properly’.

– There must be a reasonable relationship between what we expect of them as royal and so the, they go around and make out, he continues.

Danish royal – 14. jan. 2020 – pm. 21:01, Frede and Mary’s hidden economy: the Tenant the ski lodge out

Poul Madsen sees no reason why the politicians are not taking the leaf from the mouth.

I just think that one should stick to one thing here. It is that we are not an unlimited monarchy. That is to say, they can’t afford to do anything.

– We have just what is called a limited monarchy, which consists in the fact that it is the Parliament that governs what they must. And Parliament says ‘yes and amen’ to everything in the moment, ” notes Poul Madsen.

– Is the royal family is a taboo in the Danish Parliament?

– Yes, that’s it. Hundred. You can also look at the debate, which is now running, says Poul Madsen.

– The formaster here on the Extra Blade to make the smallest critical questions, what is going on, makes that one puts out both with the Parliament and also from the most royalist, which says that we are vile, and we are pursuing them.

– There is no question of any form of persecution here. That is the question that we inform you of something, they actually have tried to keep secret for ten years, namely, that the crown prince has had a property in Verbier.

– We just need to keep in mind that he has so far said that he always lived with friends, and we must so assume, that he does not have, as he has a private estate.

And according to the editor-in-chief it’s about time that something is done about it.

– the Time has come now, you have to say: There are some rules, even for the royal family, let us try to follow them, concludes Poul Madsen.

Danish royal – 15. jan. 2020 – pm. 08:57 Seller: How to bought the crown prince his snow-castle

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