Experts have confirmed that a painting, which was found stored in an Italian gallery in the city of Piacenza, is genuine.

the Painting is painted by the austrian artist Gustav Klimt, and it was hidden inside a wall in the gallery Ricci Oddi Modern Art Gallery, where it was found by a gardener.

The typing of several foreign media, including The New York Times and The Guardian.

Found in the wall
the Gardener was 10. december by removing unwanted stand on an outdoor wall, and when the plant was removed he found a metall├ąge. Behind the gate lay a bag, in which the painting was saved.

the Painting’s authenticity has since been thoroughly investigated, and on Friday, it was confirmed by experts that it is good enough – it is a genuine Klimt.

Gustav Klimt painted the portrait of the young woman in 1917, and since 1997, it has been vanished without a trace. Klimt is considered as a master in the field of stilperioden Art Nouveau, and the missing painting has been a big mystery in the art world.

It has been speculated in whether the image has been stolen.

– It is very strange, because right after the theft was every inch of the gallery and the garden examined with a fine-toothed comb.

The strangest part about it is that the picture is in excellent condition. It does not look as if it has been hidden behind a cabinet door in 22 years, said Jonathan Papamerenghi, which is a member of the cultural committee in Piacenza, the Italian media, La Repubblica in december.