Former DR-host Cathrine Widunok Wichmand and her husband, Adam Wichmand, have sold their delicious backyard in three floors of the Frederiksberg in just 25 days.

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It is somewhat faster than the other condos in the copenhagen district, where the with an average sales last year was 76 days, that usually takes a few more months before the seller and the buyer have found each other.

the real estate firm, Anna Reventlow, who is behind the sale, confirming the deal on his Instagram profile, where the broker writes, that about held 50 showings – and that there were several interested buyers.

Catherine Widunok Wichmand, who today make a living by blogging, also shared the news about the sale, with its nearly 64.000 followers in a posting on Instagram.

Here the pair could tell that they had not yet found the home they move into in – and that the new owners take over the rear building in copenhagen for the summer.

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“Look straight at me and see the love out” Nårh but these two crazy bastards have started the year with to sell their apartment, and now we have exactly 175 days to find a solution to it and a roof over your head But hold UP, how does it feel how absolutely intoxicating to be FREE #rockpaperNYThome

A spread shared by Cathrine Widunok Wichmand (@rockpaperdresses) the

the asking price on the 134-square-foot dwelling with a roof terrace sounded at 7.650.000 crowns, but it is not yet known whether there was a refusal to, before the deal went through.

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