You must keep the tongue straight in the mouth and find the notepad if you have to have a chance to keep up with, who has a cannon who, in the year ‘Paradise Hotel’.

And in today’s title goes to the second again.

In Tuesday’s section had Oliver Erngart a triangle with Freja Roemer and Sarah Dohn, while Tobias Friberg and Julie Bischoff gave the gas together. In today’s section has Julie kicked Tobias out and invited Oliver in the sleigh, which translates into the name lagengymnastik.

I had figured that I had to sleep on the solo and the scratching of in a hammock. I don’t know what the mexican sun makes in me, tells Oliver in the section, where he also takes his third conquest.

Or as Julie says:

– You must say, you have made your entrance, huh?

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As Extra the Blade catches Oliver over the phone, he also quite satisfied.

It was a crazy welcome.

The three conquests took place in just 24 hours.

– I think it was a fairly crazy intro on it, it was not something I had anticipated. Of course, it is a little funny to look back on, because Julie is my best friend today.

Danish celebrity – 21. jan. 2020 – pm. 17:22 well-Known TV3-host: – I’m not a fødemaskine

Why the ended up together?

– I think it was even an evening where you had to sleep where you would. We looked at each other and thought ‘ we should sleep together. She was like me, that it was just a bang and so on. There was nothing else in it, and the next day we were as good friends and both clarified, he explains.

today form the Oliver couple with Anna, which makes it a little awkward to see the program. Photo: Linda Johansen

Julie votes in. It was just clean and fun. She switched Tobias out for the benefit of Oliver, and she may well even see that it is strongly in the mexican hotel.

– It is a really knaldehytte, laughing she continues:

I just think we all are forgiving people, that does not put so much in it. It is a little too easy.

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Why did you Tobias?

– It is just like when I mix the sweets, there must be variation. Not, there had not been something between me and Oliver, there was nothing that said we would be together, so it is a bit strange. I don’t know how it ended like that. I actually thought just, we had to sleep.

She says that there were feelings between her and Tobias, which is why she had a problem with jumping on the new boy.

– I was basically don’t care that I was together with others, so am I just screwed together. If there is something in it, I see no problem.

How are you with, that you are his third in 24 hours?

– It, I’m fine with. It is I whistling don’t care.

Julie has no problem with being the third naked woman under Oliver’s bed sheet in 24 hours. Photo: Chronically Group Denmark

Who was the best?

It was Oliver, laughing she.

It must, however, be taken with a grain of salt. She and Oliver are good friends today, and Oliver admits that he has heard a different story.

– Well, sick enough. She says it? There was another time where she said something else. Not that it makes me something, he says.

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today, He is in a relationship with Anna Seneca, who are enjoying themselves at the hotel with Casper Balo. When they see the end of this season, may they thus find themselves in watching each other have sex with others, and it is not particularly fat, he admits.

– It is damn not very fat. To put it bluntly, there has been little pressure atmosphere, it is not fun, and we try to avoid to see it, but it is hard when there is sex everywhere. It is something that just needs to get over with, he strikes fast.