Without Jan Bech Andersen had Brøndby not existed in the current form.

Jan Bech Andersen has shot more than 250 million. kr. in the football project in the Area, who find it difficult to create a store in the balance.

Now extends storaktionæren and rigmanden its economic support for the Brøndby forward to the end of september 2021.

In a notice on the club’s website states, however, that the financial support is limited to 53 million dollars.

It spans a safety net out from under the football club. The old warranty from Jan Bech Andersen stood to the deadline to september, but is now extended for one additional year.

Jan Bech Andersen has provided a guarantee, that the Brøndby may be added to the 53 million. kr. forward to september 2021. Photo: Lars Poulsen

Thus defends rigmanden its investment, so Brøndby don’t end up with a bankruptcy.

at the same time, Jan Bech Andersen and a board member Torben Bjørn Christensen posed in the view, that their claim in the club will be converted to shares in connection with the proposed emission during February-march. Jan Bech has 61,6 million. kr. good in the Lineouts, while Torben Bjørn Christensen has 18 million. kr. for good.

the Condition for commitments from Jan Bech and Torben Bjørn is that the emission is started within 1. april 2020.

– the limit on at the university of copenhagen from Jan Bech Andersen is a natural next step in the sense that both we and Jan want a Brøndby IF in the economic balance. The 53 million. kr., that may come into play, is in order to identify any outcomes that may arise in relation to the upcoming emission level of revenue and the budget assumptions we have laid for the coming year.

Pledges from Jan and Torben, this means that we can now continue the work we have already started with both sporting and commercial, says director Ole Palmå.

There has recently been fierce speculation about new investors entering the oval. Jan Bech Andersen has, however, denied that there are currently negotiations underway with interested investors.

Brøndby have a view to a deficit in the level 75-79 million. kr. for 2019. The accounts will be published in the beginning of march.

the Outlook for the 2020 is not yet presented, but they’re also going to show a minus on the bottom line, even if the troupe’s two most expensive players – Dominik Kaiser and Kamil Wilczek – just sold.

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