At a local special school is a, then 11-year-old boy has been violated sexually.

the Friday before the autumn holidays assaulted a 13-year-old boy at his two years younger classmate. The abuse took place on school learning center Himmerland in Rebild Municipality.

It shows a police report that Ekstra Bladet is in possession of. Herein, it is apparent that the 13-year-olds ‘has stuck or attempted to stick her limb into a homeless person on the 11-year-olds.’

the Boy is, according to the parents Katrina Brandt and Torben Nielsen is deeply affected by the abuse, but nevertheless he must continue to go in the class with the infringer.

– It is quite unbelievable that the two boys still must sit at the same table at school. I don’t understand that they will not move the other boy after it happened, says Katrina.

the Police write in their report that the case is about the Danish penal code § 216, paragraph. 2 (rape, sexual intercourse with a child under 12 years of age) and section 222, second paragraph. 1 (sexual intercourse with a child under 15 years of age). They have discontinued the investigation, because the counterparty is under the age of criminal responsibility.

Forældreparret acknowledges that the 13-year-old boy should be allowed to go to school and receive the help he needs, but they do not understand, why he can’t be moved.

– We got to know that we can move our son to the Aars and even pay the longer the transport, if we are unhappy, says Torben.

Katrina and Torben’s 11-year-old son has until now been happy for the school learning center Himmerland. Photo: René Schütze

Subsequently, the municipality has sent a letter to Andrew and Katrina, where they still want to pay.

‘I have been aware that I unfortunately have given you incorrect information regarding the driving by evs. skoleskift. There is a possibility to cover the drive to another school, if this should happen,’ says.

however, It does not Torben’s desire to pull his son out of the familiar framework, and to send him to school in Aars, which is 35 kilometres from the family home.

– It is him who the victim is, why you do not account to him first?

his Son suffering from the aftermath of meningitis, as he was hit by when he was three days old. Therefore, he has had a difficult time at the school and is now in the special school.

– He has been happy to go there, but now he has changed behavior. Before, he could easily find yourself on something to play or sit and play computer, but now he seeks really security with us all the time, ” explains Katrina.

She and Tony says that they have been offered psychological support to their son two months after the abuse. An attack so violent that they are afraid that it will put the tracks in their child for always.

When the son came home from school on Friday, they could be like all the other parents not in their wildest imagination imagine what had happened.

– He had blood on the inside of both legs. I looked everywhere on his legs, but I could not find a wound, remember the mother.

In the laundry basket in the bathroom, she finds the answer.

– That was his underpants. They were completely smeared in blood, she says and shows Extra Magazine a picture of it blodtilsølede børneundertøj.

When children violate children

* Children and young people is responsible for approximately one-third of all sexual assaults.

* There are four places with treatment services to children and young people with sexually offensive, or troubling behavior:

– JanusCentret in Copenhagen

– JanusCentret in Odense, denmark

– Project Juno in Aarhus

SEBA in Aalborg

* Children as young as kindergarten age can infringe other children. The average age at first abuse is 12 years old.

* Nine out of ten are boys.

* 67 % receive special education or in a special school.

* It is important not to medicalize or criminalize children and pre-teens with sexual behavior problems.

(Source: JanusCentret, Project Juno and SEBA)

Then they drove his son to the hospital, where the doctor examined the boy’s rectum, and quickly concluded that he had been wronged, why he called the police.

In a letter from the Rebild Municipality to the family, as the Extra Leaf is in the possession of, it appears that the doctor also made a notification about the concern of sexual assault.’

In the background decides the municipality, to the 11-year-olds in a progression from children’s house to the North, there is an offer for children who have been exposed to sexual or violent abuse. The municipality sent the first letter 25 days after they received the notification.

The Friday in October thought Katrina and Torben first, that it was an adult who had done it.

– Our thoughts drove around. Our son would not say anything to anyone. The tears trickled just down her cheeks at him, when the police asked the mother of hans said.

the Day after the abuse confessed to the 13-year-old, and it was also the 11-year-old to tell the parents and the police what had happened in a play house on the school field outside.

– He told, that he said: ‘I don’t want to,’ but the other side was bigger than him, so he could not slip away, says Katrina with tears in his eyes.

the School Motionsdag before the autumn holidays used to be a cheerful affair. For Katrina and Torben’s 11-year-old son ended up with being violated sexually in a tree house at the school. Photo: René Schütze

Police describe in their report that both boys have explained what happened, and that in the blood drawn on the victim’s underwear is found in DNA, which with the greatest probability is derived from the 13-year-olds.

Back facing Katrina and Andrew, who does not know how to help their son when the school insists that he must see his attacker.

They have been fighting against the school management in the nine weeks that have passed since their son was sexually assaulted.

– If one of your colleagues raped you, then he would be fired on the gray paper. Why should it be different because it is children, ask Torben.


Rebild Municipality: It is our responsibility learning center Himmerland fall under the Rebild Municipality. Photo: POLFOTO/Life Høybye

Vibeke Lei Stoustrup, director of Rebild Municipality acknowledges that there have found things of a sexual nature take place between the students at the learning center Himmerland, but she stresses that the municipality does not believe there is the basis to qualify it as abuse.

– In the material we have from the police and on the basis of it, the parents have told, so it seems as if there has been a sexual assault. How can such a thing take place at a school in Rebild Kommune?

– I have not seen the police report, and we have not received a knowledge from the police, where we can say that it’s about abuse, but about an inappropriate behavior of a sexual nature, and we take this very, very seriously.

– of course, It is our responsibility to ensure that the children in our schools are under sufficient supervision, so an inappropriate behavior between the children can not find the place, and we must of course note that we have not had in all cases, and I would like to very much regret. Parents must, of course, feel confident to entrust their children to us.

– When there are so have found a abuse or inappropriate behavior, if we must call it that – place, how can it be that the violate and the victim still has to go in the same class?

– I can’t go into such a enkeltsag.

– What do you do to ensure that it does not happen again?

– We immediately assured us that we have the supervision with the children all the time, and so we have launched a number of initiatives pointing ahead. We have a number of experts in the field, which starts a course in the school for January, which is about the here greater awareness, there must be in relation to the children’s group and sexuality. We need to, in recognition of the fact that we thought that we had enough supervision, but had not it, to say, that it is not safe, that it is enough with more supervision. We need to give our employees some more tools.

– Why have you not done these things before?

– I know that it is a opmærksomhedspunkt at the school, and the school also seems to have had close supervision with the children, and are astonished that such an incident can take place, but it must we have to note that it has been able to.

– Parents must, of course, feel confident to entrust their children to us, says the director in the Rebild Municipality of Vibeke Lei Stoustrup.

– If one party feels that the other has done something against one’s will, and are uncomfortable to go to school with him, how can it be, that you do not do something about it?

– I can’t comment on a specific episode, but in general it will always be such that we will be very responsive opposite the parents ‘ wishes and concerns in relation to whether the children have a safe school day. Some of the grip we have, of course, is that we have different classes, or we can make holddeling in the classroom.

– But will not move any to a different school?

– Now we’re talking again not about this specific case but in general. If not there is a situation where we know that there is no criminal or other, as formally demonstrated, so we have no legal basis to move a student to another school.

– the Parents of the boy, which they see as the victim, has got to know that they can simply move their son to Years, if they are dissatisfied. Is it fair that it gets handled on the way?

– Again, I can’t comment on the specific case, but I can say that we could never dream to act in a situation like that by saying that one can just move her child.