the Tone can sometimes be tough on the social media.

It is a part of the reverse side of the coin, when one turns his life over his followers. This is for people who realitydeltageren Pernille Nygaard true, but she regret that it should be such.

In a story on Instagram is equivalent to the former ‘Paradise Hotel’ and ‘Ex on the Beach’-to participate again, after she has been told that she has big ears.

– It is good enough for some decent bass. But you know what? Now I have fucking lived for 29 years, and I have learned to live with them. They have been a part of me and integrated – they have basically always been. But I have accustomed me to that the is a little extraordinary, she says.

– Yes, they are gigantic, ” she says, and adds that she still loves them.

Danish celebrity – 14. dec. 2019 – at. 13:45 English singer-establishment of anxiety and stress

For Extra Magazine tells Paul, that it is not the first time she hear critical comments about the size of the ears.

– Yes, there are actually people who comment on it. There is one who has written, to my ears is bigger than my future, laughing Pernille Nygaard.

Personally, she takes it isn’t heavy, but she is still weary of the fact that people need to come up with the kind of comments.

Therefore she comes now also with a challenge and a call for people to stop with that kind of thing.

– I would like to show me as one who says that people should not bully. And it is also why I commented on it on my Instagram profile, she says to Ekstra Bladet.

Pernille Nygaard has in addition to the ‘Paradise Hotel’ and ‘Ex on the Beach’ and starred in ‘Me and my mum’.

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