It costs the Turkish Football federation a fine of 50,000 euros (374.000 Danish kroner (dkk) to Turkish players did the honors during the two european championship qualifying in October.

Players from the Turkish national team did the honors to the Turkish fans during a match 11. October against Albania.

And several players repeated the same militærsalut in a 1-1 match three days later against France, and many of the Turkish fans did the same. Also after the match did the players salute.

A disciplinary committee under The European Football federation (UEFA) punished the Friday night Turkey with the big fine and gave at the same time, the players reprimanded.

Among other Emre Belözoglu, Merih Demiral, Hakan Çalhanoglu and Cenk Tosun got a telling off by Uefa for the manifestations of unsportsmanlike nature.

In Turkey, it is common that well-known – including football players – showing support for the Turkish military in connection with attacks or during military operations.

Turkey in October launched a military offensive against the kurdish forces in northeastern Syria.

It succeeded in Turkey to qualify for the european championships in the summer of 2020, where the team has ended up in a group with Switzerland, Wales and Italy.

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