Being an effective speaker could be a matter of using AI for public speaking to help nurture your skills. Check out how AI could help you speak effectively.  

When you step before a crowd of people to speak about something important, regardless of the setting or purpose, it is always the hope that what you say will be memorable. While it may look like some of the most noteworthy speakers have stepped on stage and delivered a flawless speech like it was second nature, they have a big secret: artificial intelligence (AI). 

Holden Watne, a Los Angeles IT Services professional takes a look at how world-class presenters use the power of AI to enhance public speaking engagements.

AI Encourages You to Rehearse As Much as You Should

According to a recent publication on LinkedIn, the best speakers in the world like Barak Obama and Arianna Huffington actually practice their speeches anywhere from 30 to 40 times before their actual engagement. If you are not practicing your speech at least this much, there is a good chance you are not delivering your message as effectively as you wish to.

New software programs designed specifically for helping people nurture their speaking capabilities utilize AI for public speaking to make rehearsing far easier. For example, Microsoft Presenter Coach for PowerPoint requires you to speak to your device as the device records you and provides feedback, which can encourage you to rehearse as much as possible.

AI Gives You Feedback You Can Use to Evolve Your Speech

Evolving your speech is often necessary, even though it may seem like you have the perfect message to deliver. Current AI programs for speakers allow you to get real-time feedback as you talk so you know when something needs to be changed. For instance, Presenter Coach will actually give you pop-ups while you are rehearsing the speech that tells you when it may be best if you use a different word or if something is hard to understand or hear. By following the guidance of the AI, you can tweak small issues as they are recognized by the system.

AI Helps You Eliminate Common Speech-Delivery Problems

Even the best speakers have issues they have to overcome when they are communicating before an audience. It is oftentimes hard to catch speech-delivery problems on your own, but AI can detect these issues, alert you of the problem, and guide you to make changes. For instance, if you frequently use filler words or hesitation markers like uh or um, the AI program for speakers will immediately pick these problems up.

Likewise, if your speech is riddled with a lot of delay time or silent points, you will be encouraged to pick up the pace so listeners will not lose interest. It is not uncommon for inexperienced speakers to have moments of delay or brief pauses as they try to collect their thoughts or simply because they are nervous. The AI for public speaking will work to help you through these issues.

If you have an upcoming speaking engagement, rehearsal is definitely the key to delivering an effective speech. However, AI for public speaking could be just what you need to ensure your delivered message is as well-perceived as you want it to be.