Time heals all wounds, they say. But for some, it requires a longer time than for others. Also in the sports world.

Saturday is the ten days ago, the Danish håndboldkvinder joined the handball-WORLD cup in Japan with a draw against Serbia.

the Possibility of WORLD cup-the medals had already evaporated, but the result against Serbia meant at the same time, the Danish women conclusively come to the OLYMPICS in Japan for the summer.

It was a big disappointment for the team, and goalie Sandra Toft, Denmark clear main profile at the finals is still not recovered from the failure. Not at all.

the Disappointment has not subsided. It gets almost just got worse and worse. I must admit, she says to JydskeVestkysten.

– It is sad on all the ways that we do not get a chance to get to the OLYMPICS. It bothered me so much.

She states that she is happy Klavs Bruun Jørgensen as the national coach, and that she did not have any opinion as to whether a new coach could be a breath of fresh air.

But the next big task will be the european championship on home soil in a year, but Sandra Toft is not at all ready to look forward to it yet.

– If you have the formula as to how I proceed, I would like to know it. Right now there is no EM-thoughts. I’m just sour, bitter and disappointed. Longer the how to set not, it sounds from her in the interview with JydskeVestkysten.

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