Both employees and external at the university of Bergen has reacted strongly, that at this year’s christmas lunch will not be served the traditional pinnekjøtt of the lamb or the regular roast pork of the pig.

– It is one of many important measures to reduce our emissions. It is a part of a bigger picture, but the attention that this type of action can get is important for the personal consumption, says the assistant director at the University of Bergen Tore Tungodden to NRK.

christmas party at the university has 500 seats, which usually to be filled up completely. Now it is the question of how many will come, when there no longer is meat on the menu.

so far, outlook got good attention and several have commented that they do not believe it is a good idea to remove the traditional food.

– I think a kødfrit christmas table is silly, tells førstebibliotikar Pål Hermod Bakka to NRK, who is going to hold its christmas party somewhere, where he can get his meat.

the Criticism of the idea has been adelingsdirektør Synnøve Myhre, who has served on the committee to arrange the christmas party, to come up with a message in defense to Dagsnytt18 for the alternative menu.

– This is going to be blown out of all proportions, when we will be discussing our christmas party in Dagsnytt 18, she says to NRK.

She explains that there are many reactions to the election, but that most come from the external, and to the people associated with the university has taken the fine against the idea.