Back in 2013, said Lexus farewell to Denmark, and thus it was over with, that you could buy new Lexus cars at home. The reason why Lexus withdrew at the time, was that the then legislation on the registreringsafgiftsområdet limited hybrid-the brand’s opportunities in Denmark.

Now blowing, however, other gain in relation to the hybrid technology from the political side, while the market for luxury cars is in great prosperity, and why has Lexus decided to return to Denmark.

It informs the Lexus in a press release.

– We have continuously kept a wakeful eye on developments both politically and on the market in general. At the same time the Lexus undergone a marked development, both as a brand and on the product page the later years, so we estimate that, after some years of break now makes perfect sense to re-introduce the Lexus in Denmark, says John B. Hansen, who must stand in the forefront of Lexus in Denmark, in a press release.

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Seven models
Are you interested in a new Lexus, you can already visit the brand’s Danish website, and here it appears that the japanese are returning to Denmark with seven models. Two sedans, three SUVS, a luksuscoupé and a crossover model.

In the first instance, sales of new Lexus cars happen starting with the one new dedicated Lexus dealer which will be placed on the Dynamovej 10 in Søborg near Copenhagen.

– At Lexus, we put the customer at the centre of everything we do. We work from the finest japanese principle of hospitality, Omotenashi, which means that we always ensure to anticipate and meet each customer’s specific wants and needs and treat anyone with courtesy and attention and as a highly appreciated guest in the home, ” says John B. Hansen.

the Lexus is a relatively young brand in the auto industry and this year celebrate 30-year anniversary. The young age, despite it is a brand which has gained a reputation for building solid, luxurious cars.

In Norway, Lexus f.ex. topped AutoIndex, which is the largest customer in the automobile industry in the Nordic region, in all categories the past eight years, while the british forbrugermagasin Which? has named Lexus the Year in the brand 2019 in the Uk based on both the brand’s technological leadership and high product quality.

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