For some time now, what has been patriotic in Spain is to delay the retirement age, an option on the rise that enjoys good press and is transversal, healthy and let’s see if it is sustainable.

Postponing retirement is right or left? Is it typical of progressives or factions? Do active septuagenarians deserve Renfe’s golden card?

Although the experts do not know it, the extension of working life in Spain is due to the high number of divorcees who reach the age of 65 without knowing when it is time to change their wardrobes and without plans, not for the day from tomorrow, but for this Saturday night.

– And what do you do for a living?

Here is the sudden question that is never missing in the relationships of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

– I was a pimp, but since they outlawed the profession…

Everything works, except the truth.

– I am retired.

– Oh… come on; good, right?

Is it sexy to be retired?

People can say what they want, but after a long life of divorce and having raised the question with ulterior motives, 95% of the sober respondents answered no, 2% say that a retired boyfriend is a bargain if you allow yourself to be advised and 3% estimate that for balances in the market there are already married paddle players of working age.

Married people have more incentives to retire at the right age. Home calls them. They finally have within reach the most precious treasure that life had denied them: time for their spouse and to frequent the second summer residence in February, reorganize the picture gallery in the living room and break the world record for going to and coming from the supermarket without a dog, in the hands of Artemi Llopis Mesón de Vargas since July 7, 2018, a week after his retirement, much celebrated by his colleagues and, especially, the brand new human resources director, who presented him with a selfie erotic with the dedication: “Go away and don’t come back!”.

The most prepared generation of divorcees in the history of Spain has come to stay in the world of work. And whoever doesn’t like it, let him have offspring.