Finding love has become an increasingly complicated mission for millions of people. Therefore, it is not surprising that the most daring singles decide to appear on the most famous dating program on the small screen, First Dates. On Wednesday night, Carlos Sobera and Laura Boado welcomed with open arms a new batch of diners willing to give everything to find their better half. 

One of the dates of the night was the one starring Jordi and Cristina. The 35-year-old Catalan bachelor arrived at the restaurant showing off muscle. ”I look like I’m a tough guy because I don’t want anyone to get close to me,” he said. His passion above all else was the gym, where he claimed not to flirt with anything. He wanted to find a girl with ”a nice butt”. ”It’s very important, but it’s overrated,” he said. ”You overvalue it because you give it total importance,” the presenter replied. 

However, the curiosities with the bachelor did not end there. Jordi confessed that the first thing he did was look at his date’s butt. ”I’m losing faith in love,” Sobera said. Her date was Cristina, a 38-year-old Catalan single who considered herself a fairly innocent person in love. ”Until I’m shocked seeing what they’re doing. “I’m trying to use my head more and my heart less,” she explained. 

But despite her enthusiasm for trying to meet the love of her life on the Cuatro program, the single woman was greatly disappointed when she met Jordi. ”I like thugs, but it’s a textbook thug that you say, I’ve already overcome that stage and I’m looking for something else,” she said. After exchanging their first words, the presenter accompanied the couple to his table, where they began the evening talking about their exercise routines. 

Thanks to this conversation, Cristina discovered that her date was a fairly sedentary person and not much of a party person. ”He is an older man in the body of a 35-year-old man,” she asserted.  In the field of love, Jordi claimed to be a very passionate person. A statement that did not fit with the impression that the single woman had of him: ”He is selling me the motorcycle. “He’s trying to sell me that he’s a good guy and my intuition tells me no.” 

At one point during the evening, Cristina decided to be clear with the bachelor and confessed how little interest he had shown in getting to know her. ”I expected more from you, you have to come back,” she said. ”I was very nervous and I didn’t stop. That’s why I need someone to stop me and tell me “I’m coming now,” he explained. In addition, the Catalan left the single woman embarrassed by confessing that he did not want to go through the altar. ”Either it goes through the hoop or things are very bad,” the single woman stated. 

Despite their great differences, the singles discovered in the final stretch of the evening that they had many things in common, such as their sexual activity. Therefore, in the final decision, Cristina decided to give the bachelor a second chance despite his continuous blunders. ”I want to think that he was very nervous and I’m going to give him a vote of confidence,” she expressed.