The possibility of Ángel Cristo appearing again on a Telecinco set is slim. After being expelled from the program ‘Survivors 2024’, the former contestant would be banned by the network because he is not a person it likes. 

In the program ‘Ni que fuerámos’ on Canal Quickie, they have addressed the issue in depth, and María Patiño has posed a very pertinent question that a large part of the reality audience asks after being suddenly eliminated from the competition.

Insider Kiko Matamoros has predicted a bleak television future for Bárbara Rey’s son. “The issue on television is complicated, very complicated. Of course, the opposite channel (Telecinco) will not enter,” the collaborator assured. His words make it clear that Ángel Cristo would not have any opportunity to return to television.

Although other contestants who have been expelled or have dropped out have had the opportunity to return to the set, in this case, Ángel Cristo would not have that possibility, according to Matamoros. This means that the former contestant would not have an interview upon his return from Honduras, as is customary with all participants.

The situation becomes even more tense with the revelation that his behavior is seen as a threat to the stability of the show and the production company. 

This veto would not only prevent him from returning to ‘Survivors’, but also from any other program on the network, which leaves his television future in a very delicate position. The talk show host explained the reason behind this supposed veto: “They know about his verbal incontinence, they know that they will not be able to control him on a set,” Matamoros concluded.