There is not exactly the christmas spirit between the two bars, The Old English Pub and The Old Irish Pub on Vesterbrogade in Copenhagen.

In barely one and a half years they have been neighbors, but if it is to continue to be the case, then The Old Irish Pub to change its name. And if not they go along with it, then they must move away.

It takes at least the people behind The Old English Pub that has taken the case to the Maritime and Commercial court, where the parties have met today.

the Bar has been set at Vesterbrogade 2 since 1992 and have had the same name in all years. But in 2018 they had then the company of the chain, The Old Irish Pub, it chose to open its 22. pub the place in question.

According to The Old English Pub recalls the names so much about each other, that not only the customers can find to confuse the two bars. Also the public authorities do it. In addition, it is the attitude that the chain ‘are’ on their name and reputation is apparent from the case p√•standsdokumenter, as the Extra Leaf is in the possession of.

The Old English Pub uses, among other things, as an example, that they have experienced negative reviews from consumers against The Old Irish Pub on their own Trustpilot page.

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The Old English Pub, among others, believes that the letters on the facade also reminds too much about each other in terms of color and font. Photo: Tariq Mikkel Khan

the Competitor, The Old Irish Pub, which is primarily owned by the two brothers Kristian Eigil Blak and Peder Johan Blak, reject the requirements. They put, among other things for the reason that they already had a ‘very well known pubk√¶de’. In addition, believe that customers confuse the two bars.

You are pointing, for instance, that consumers know that there is a big difference between the English and irish pubkultur.

‘the Differences are historically contingent and is to know that authentic English pubs are decorated in a cosy atmosphere with a fireplace and dark oak furniture, where people of peace can enjoy a beer and ‘simple’ madserveringer, while irish pubs are traditionally more festive with loud music, space for dancing and general high mood, including for greater fodboldevents,’ it appears by their particulars of claim.

the Extra Leaf has unsuccessfully tried to get a comment from Ole Strecker, who is the director and owner of The Old English Pub. At The Old Irish Pub informs you that you don’t have any comments on the matter.