the 34-year-old Sanna Marin is on Tuesday afternoon has been approved as Finland’s new head of government. She is the successor to Antti Rinne in denmark.

Sanna Marin is at the same time, the youngest prime minister of denmark, Finland’ve ever had.

Out of the parliament’s 200 members voted 99 for and 70 against the Marin’s appointment, while the other was not present.

the Choice of the Marin comes after regeringspartneren in the centre party announced that it no longer had confidence in mr Antti Rinne. He gave on Tuesday his afskedbegæring.

The political crisis has its roots in a labour dispute in the Finnish postal service, Posti. The crisis has led to strikes in several sectors.

on Sunday night, chose 32 of the 61 voting socialists and democrats in the party leadership Sanna Marin, above the party group in the reichstag, the 37-year-old Antti Lindtman. He got 29 votes, reports Finnish tv station Yle.

– We have a lot of work ahead of us to rebuild confidence, said Sanna Marin, after the close vote.

– We have a common government programme, which glues the coalition together.

Sanna Marin has sat in the reichstag since 2015 and is in addition to minister for transport – vice-president of the party.

She has a more green profile and leans more towards the left than several of his party colleagues, writes the Swedish newspaper Expressen.

the Socialists are the largest party of the five parties in the governing coalition.