The French striker Karim Benzema is still under indictment for having participated in the extortion of his former landsholdskollega Mathieu Valbuena in 2015.

the typing of the French sportsavis L’equipe.

the Real Madrid player Benzema had, along with two other accused in the case asked the court of appeal in Paris to dismiss the cases against them, because they believed that the police had used illegal methods.

But the court of appeal in Paris rejected the Benzemas request, and thus the prosecutor may now start preparing a lawsuit, which stjerneangriberen can be a part of.

It all goes back to June 2015, where Benzema as usual was selected for the French national team in the context of a test match. But stay in landsholdslejren developed something different than usual.

According to the accusation was Benzema involved in the extortion of his former landsholdskammerat Mathieu Valbuena. Real Madrid attacker acted allegedly the middleman for a friend who had come in possession of a sex tape with Valbuena and demanded the money for not to leak it.

Shortly after Benzema suspended from the national team, as long as the case was on. It has done so in more than four years now.

Benzema is in trouble off the field. Photo: Alvaro Barrientos/AP Photo

He has admitted that he turned to Valbuena on the sex tape, which a childhood friend had come in possession of. But he refuses to have participated in the pengeafpresningen.

According to the Benzema-the camp has a policeman who worked undercover in the case, used illegal methods to lure Benzema into conversations about pengeafpresningen.

According to the Real Madrid star is the policeman continued to contact Benzema on the subject, although he had said that he would not be a part of it.

But the court in Paris stated that the work of the police was within the rules, why Benzemas request to have shelved the case against him was dismissed.

When legal proceedings are initiated is not yet known.

If Benzema eventually to be acquitted, anyway, he comes hardly back in landsholdsvarmen.

recently said the president of The French Football federation, Noel Le Graet, as follows:

– I think that Benzema is a very good player. I have never criticised his qualities. He shows again in Real Madrid, he is one of the best players at his position, but the adventure in France is over. His time is over, said Le Graet to the radio station RMC.

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