The last time Rachel Ellebye from ‘Year 0’ stayed and lived in Oslo, where she has an apartment, together with her Norwegian boyfriend, Eirik.

But soon, she turns again snout against Denmark.

It told she, en Ekstra Bladet met her on the red carpet to Reality Awards 2020.

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– I have it really good. I am enjoying my sabbatical to the full. I enjoy my work, enjoy living with my beautiful girlfriend and enjoying being back in Copenhagen, she said with a big smile and continued:

– Eirik and I have it very well together. After all, we are soon to have two-year anniversary. We have here to may. The time has simply gone by so fast. We have a lovely little apartment outside of Oslo. We enjoy life, and have it really good.

Rachel Ellebye on the red carpet to Reality Awards. Photo: Jonas Olufson

Rachel Ellebye planning to study next year, and therefore she and her boyfriend soon, perhaps, to get used to a langdistanceforhold, when Rachel Ellebye moving back home to Denmark again.

– I should study next year. I’m looking into different places. In Copenhagen, roskilde university and Aarhus and Aalborg. Also, perhaps Oslo, she said, and continued:

– So that we get enough to run long distance, my girlfriend looking for studio in Norway, but we have tried before, so we should probably get to work. Three years goes anyway quickly.

Rachel Ellebye love languages, and it is also in the direction of her future education is going to go.

– It will be enough Spanish or English. A language-bachelor degree, which may have to be expanded to something intercultural marketing, she said with a smile.

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