Life is not so fun for the US ambassador in south Korea, Harry Harris, for the time being. The ambassador is ended in the great tribulation in the land, because of his mustache.

It writes The Guardian.

the Beard reminds south koreans of the time, when the country was under Japan’s colonial expansion, and therefore it is insulting against south Korea, says the criticism.

Harry Harris’ mother is japanese and his father is american. The ambassador was born in Japan, and he believes that the criticism due more to his ethnicity than his beard.

‘My beard is for one reason or another been the subject of fascination here. I have been criticised in the media – especially social media – because of my ethnicity, because I’m japanese-american,’ says Harris, according to the media.

On the question of whether he would be willing to remove his beard, similar to the ambassador:

‘Then you would have to persuade me that the moustache in one way or another is seen as something that damages our (countries’, red.) relationship.’

Harry Harris in general has faced a lot of resistance in south Korea because of the us president’s policy.

In October last year, 19 students were arrested after they tried to climb over the wall to the ambassador’s residence to protest against his support for parts of the Trumps policy.

Japan colonized the country in 1910 to 1945.