It was a terrible discovery, awaited Freja Elleby and a friend, when they together went to see Freja daughter’s grave.

Here, you could see that on the fine grave lacked the granitfigur, which had been adorned together with flowers and gifts for the deceased daughter.

– I got something of a shock. It is hard enough to have a child in a graveyard, without that there is someone who must steal from it, tells Freja Elleby to Ekstra Bladet.

the Mother shared a picture of the grave site on Facebook, because she earnestly wishes that she and the man can get the statue back.

– I do not understand why you do it, but if it comes back no hard feelings, it would mean so much for both me and my husband, she says.

the Reason, to the figure of Andrea was in the tomb, was because his daughter, who died last year, is named after the popular figure.

I hope then that somebody might just have thought it was fun to take to a party and now they get a bad conscience, and makes it back.

the Shape is of granite, and disappeared between Friday and Saturday.

Until now, Freja lookup been shared throughout the 24,000 times, and she receive all the time messages from people, who like herself want that figure comes back to the grave site.

– I would like to have it back. Also so we can get some calm again, she says.

the Theft is reported to the police.