The Danish svømmedarling Pernille Blume has had a turbulent year.

A blood clot in the brain and a hole in the heart caused her to fear for his death in the beginning of the year, and as the first fright had subsided, she could see that the situation for the best Danish swimmers were not at the level to which a verdensklassesvømmer need.

She was very upset, angry and frustrated, since the trainer Martin Truijns was fritistillet, and it was not exactly the best circumstances for the skilled swimmer.

all in All, it has been a hectic year where there have been difficult periods.

I had surgery in January, and it was really difficult up to the world cup. My coaches gave up their jobs, so I had to move. So there has been a lot of getting used to, but I’m happy to be where I am now, so I’m really excited just for the season, she says to the International Swimming League’s Youtube channel.

At the WORLD cup, she was number four.

Photo: Claus Bonnerup

Now she has the OLYMPICS in Tokyo in sight, and there is no doubt that she will want to at the top of the podium again like the last OLYMPICS. The gold medal in Rio, she looks like his most proud moment.

– That was so overwhelming, that I almost can’t remember it, for it was so large. I was so grateful for everything. My life, my family and that I was allowed to chasing the dream and actually make it.

Photo: Gregers Tycho

Sports and Games in the Rear of the Blume: Svømmedarlingen do everything in his own way

In the first place she can look forward to another great championship, namely the european championship in short course in Scotland, which run from 4. to 8. december.

Here she is forhåndsudtaget because of its performance at the WORLD cup in south Korea. The same is Jeanette Ottesen and Alexander Aslak Nørgaard.

It also means that she is not in the action of DM on the short course, which will be held in these days.

– Pernille Blume, Jeanette Ottesen and Anton Ørskov Ipsen shall not start at this year’s championship in short course. We have taken good sporting decisions that support each individual on the way forward towards the season’s goal, says coach Stefan Hansen.

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