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The Danish håndboldherrer and defending world champions disappointed most håndboldinteresserede danes, as it is not managed the team to progress from the initial group stage at the european championships.

the President of the Danish Handball Federation (DHF), Per Bertelsen, call failure terrible for the Danish handball and fear that, in the worst cases can have economic consequences.

– I fear always when something like this happens, what consequences it can have.

– on the other hand, I believe that all can see and believe that here is a lone swallow. I think, to our partners and also Team Denmark will back us up going forward also.

– But one should not have the nose so high that you can not fear that something might happen. And the fear I always. Each time we lose a penny, then it’s a penny, we can’t use to develop our sport, ” he says.

He then, with, as the danes on Wednesday night defeated Russia in the Malmö Arena, but the team and DHF-the president may find that the victory was not enough for Denmark to go further in the tournament.

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Per Bertelsen and Morten Stig Christensen on an earlier occasion. Photo: Ernst van Norde/Ritzau Scanpix

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the Team had previously lost to Iceland and played a draw against Hungary and when the hungarians earlier on Wednesday struck the Island, there was no more to come after the of Mikkel Hansen, Rasmus Lauge and the rest of the Danish squad.

– It hurts deep inside in my håndboldhjerte, it is here that we have not performs better. So we can always talk about that one of the goals here, and a half goals and two goals that could have changed it, but the facts are just that, did we not.

– Now we have the situation we do, and it is terrible for the Danish handball, ” says Per Bertelsen.

He takes the situation deeply serious and an evaluation of the EM-finals are therefore also as a point on the agenda, when there will be held meeting of the board in the next week.

– It is a deep disappointment for us in the connected also. We must also look inward. We need to look at whether we have missed somewhere along the way, or whether we need to change some strategies, he says.

this is The first time since the year 2000, Denmark not to proceed from a preliminary group stage at the european championships.

Scheduled sponsorture

No one had probably foreseen that the Danish håndboldherrer would flop horribly at the european championship and knocked out already after the three matches in the group stage.

neither the Danish Handball Federation (DHF), as in the knowledge on the advancement to mellemrunden also had tours arranged for the federation’s sponsors for the four mellemrundekampe in Malmö.

While the failure according to the DHF secretary general Morten Stig Christensen does not receive significant economic consequences, so the framework debacle him in relation to the sponsors.

– There, where it hurt the most, is that we in the DHF for each mellemrundekampe and to finaleweekenden in Stockholm has planned sponsorture. There we had the high expectations, he says.

The Danish exit get, however, not DHF to drop the trips. The sponsors get are just not allowed to watch the team, they put money in.

– the Ability to see verdensklassehåndbold so close to Denmark it is not often, says hospitality manager at DHF, the former damelandsholdsspiller Janne Kolling.

– So the tours we hold on to. There are still good fights to see in Malmö, where the two of værtsnationerne still is on the program.

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The former midfielder Janne Kolling working in the DHF. Photo: Simon Fals/Ritzau Scanpix

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With the prospect of not being able to see Denmark be able to many perhaps believe, that many sponsors lost interest to come to Malmö, but this is not the case, says Janne Kolling.

– No, not really. I have sent the revised programs out today (Thursday, ed.), and it is not because I have received lots of apologies.

– There are a few in between, but there are several who write that they still look forward to coming over. Some also have Swedish customers. We’ll probably get some good evenings anyway, she says.

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