An american woman who kisses strange men around the world, has now gone viral.

The 23-year-old Kristiana Kuqi put a picture of himself on Twitter, where she kisses a man in front of the Eiffel tower in Paris. The picture looks like a typical setting for a candlelit weekend trip to the capital city.

Kristiana Kuqi know not the man, as she stands, and share the mouth watering with.

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I hope the guy I met at the Eiffel tower and asked for a kiss, so I could pretend that I had a romantic time in Paris, it has it good, she writes in the advertisement on Twitter.

She put the picture up last week, and since then it has been shared and like over 450,000 times. People are crazy with her courage.

Kristiana Kuqi had not believed that her postings would go viral, she says to Fox News.

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– Since I was little, I have imagined myself to have a picture taken there while I got a kiss. I planned the kiss weeks before, I went to Paris. I traveled to Paris with a friend and she said that it was brittle and did not believe that I would actually do it, she says to Fox News.

She hopes that she’s with the picture can inspire women to go after what they want and not be afraid of people’s prejudices. And something suggests that many others are already in agreement with her in it. Several other women have also shared images, where they have done something similar.

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A woman doing the same stunt at the Trevi fountain.

another woman put a picture up of a holiday-flirt from Bali.

Here is a woman who also kisses a stranger at the top of the tall building.