It could have had serious consequences for England, Germany and France, if not the condemned Iran.

that was the message from the president of the UNITED states Donald Trump have sounded, writes The Washington Post.

If not, the three states condemned Iran for breach of atomaftalen, they could look forward to, that there would be a tariff of 25 percent on european cars.

the Message was According to the newspaper delivered by the u.s. officials, who contacted officials from the three european states. The somewhat dramatic announcement came not through the UNITED states embassy, which otherwise is the normal procedure.

The three countries ‘ condemnation of Iran makes that a condition in atomaftalen with the middle eastern country enters into force. Within 65 days, Iran must undertake to abide by the agreement, or a series of sanctions come into force.

Jeremy Shapiro, who is a member of the European Council, does not believe that the threat of tariffs is the right way to do things.

– the Threat of tariffs is a mafia-like method, and it is not the case that the relationship between the allies typically works, he says.

the President has previously used the same threat of tariff on european cars in connection with the negotiations of trade agreements.

however, It is not certain that it was at all necessary to play with the muscles in this case, since the three states was already on its way to condemn Iran.

Anonymous european officials tell the Washington Post that the threat made the already embarrassing situation much more troublesome. If the threat was publicly known, they could be seen as lackeys of the u.s. government.

– We would not see weak, so we agreed to keep the threat secret, says a source to the newspaper.

the FACTS: Atomaftalen

During the presidential campaign in 2016, promised by Donald Trump, that he would pull the US completely out of a multinational atomaftale with Iran.

on Tuesday, the u.s. president declared that he is pulling the UNITED states out of the agreement.

Get an insight into what it is for an agreement that the UNITED states leave:

* Atomaftalen between Iran and the five powers in the UN security council, the UNITED states, Russia, China, Britain and France, and Germany reached 14. July 2015 in Vienna.

* It entered into force in January 2016.

* Atomaftalen to prevent the iranians developing nuclear weapons.

* With the agreement goes Iran to limit the number of centrifuges used for the enrichment of uranium.

* With the agreement reduced Iran’s stock of uranium, 98 percent to 300 kilos in 15 year.

* With the agreement obliges Iran to the exceptional thorough monitoring, verification and inspection from The International atomic energy agency.

* To turn, to turn down the volume on the country’s nuclear facilities repeals the West sanctions against the country.

Sources: Reuters, BBC and The White House.

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