MALMÖ (Ekstra Bladet): Nikolaj Jacobsen slip quickly of the question: Denmark Got enough out of Mikkel Hansen during a championship, which lasted all too short.

Paris-the star was out with it, that could very easily be interpreted as criticism of his temporary position at right-back in the first half against Hungary. Mikkel Hansen went in TV2’s studio in flæsket on the station’s interpretation of the interview he gave the day before the match against Russia and thought, TV2 was out to sow discord between him and national coach.

He had said that he was frustrated by having the ball so little, as it was the case.

– Yes, of course. I’m usually a player who has the ball a lot, so it is clear that it is a little bit different. But if that is the case, we believe, we must win the battles, so it’s just the way it is, he said to TV2

– What would you wish you did differently?

– I don’t know. You need to talk with my trainer about.

Ekstra Bladet spoke with Henrik Kronborg in the fight against Russia.

– But he has been out to say, he is not so pleased with…

– Not, we are not exactly… We won the WORLD cup last year with Mikkel on the right back!!! We should not say it, says Henrik Kronborg,

Nikolaj Jacobsen match after the Danish EM-exit-on the question of whether the team got enough out of Mikkel Hansen’s great skills in this finals:

– I do not know whether we have. I do not think we have got enough out of the potential that is in the squad, but I is not going to stand by and evaluate the players in a public forum. We must just realize, that we as a team were not skillfully enough.

– there Is disharmony in the squad?

– There is not disharmony, I can at least reject, but there is no doubt that when you come in, get hit on the confidence and self esteem, and you are disappointed, well, then reflect it. You can also see in the day. I think we are doing 10 technical mistakes in the first half, and during the WORLD cup, we were with a cut of five per. battle. So there is also something with faith in their own abilities, which also come into play, says the national coach.

– So it is clear that the other three teams can play freely against us. We have a big pressure on us, and maybe we have not been skillful enough to handle this time.

Away from Malmö, and it as soon as possible. The national team will take the bus at. 10 Thursday morning. EM is over! Photo: Lars Poulsen

– you Can’t also be so sejrsvant, that you think things come easy?

– I think not, after all, it has been the case, because we have been talking about, that we knew the other would be five-ten percent more clear, when they met verdensmestrene. We all know how we think when we encounter those that won the last finals. The pressure we have maybe not been good enough to resist.

Henrik Kronborg called for the attitude before the match. Has it been lacking?

– I think not, after all, we lacked enthusiasm in the first match. We are here now and have lost a handball match with a goal, and there is no doubt that what hurt the most, is Hungary-the fight. There we strike not the level we should be doing.

– Has it something with the setting to make?

– No, I think not. We get the really a good start in all matches, so it is not such that setting is not there. But there is no doubt that there have been some things with the injuries and so on, then lose the first fight and then comes the under pressure. The structure is relentless, and so we did not have all of the small margins with the us in this tournament.

– In comes with two fresh victories and, as the world champions. Had In the mental profits, you thought? In comes as world champions!

– Jojo, it is true, and I had also hoped we could perform better, it is no doubt about that. We are all extremely disappointed. There is not any, who had not expected more.

– What do you take with?

– Well right now I’m just a big disappointed, I don’t want to drive home in the morning. EM is hardly started, so it, I first and foremost take home, is extreme disappointment at this result.

– it Is his toughest battle?

– It is certainly the biggest disappointment with the national team. As a coach.

– Overrated In your own abilities?

– No, I think not

– Was In for nonchalant?

– No!

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