only the handball, says national coach Nikolaj Jacobsen, when he tries to defuse the so far performance pauvre efforts at the european championship finals. Of course he may be right so far, that no one is dead, and there will be a new day in the morning.

However, quite so simple it is not. We must all ask of each other that we are doing our best, and when the Danish national team runs on the pitch in Malmö Arena, then represents the 16 players not only themselves, but the whole håndbolddanmark. And at home, on the other side of the Sound, sitting there one and a half million viewers and follows in every attack and defense.

viewers would like to see a national team that exudes pride and joy to represent the nation on the big stage. They will see the players that unfolds on the best show, and which show the recklessness that is necessary to win something.

so Far, by EM , Denmark has met the teams, who alone with their expression have wanted it here more than Nikolaj Jacobsen’s troops. Best illustrated by the Island, as in their two matches really are gone to fight for the whole nation. Here is the ferocity and emotion completely out of the clothes, and that is in their eyes a blazing commitment, which I have not yet been able to trace at all of the Danish players.

It was a bunch of disappointed players after the game. Photo: Jens Dresling
DENMARK is defending the OLYMPICS and the WORLD cup-guldvindere. But, people are so satiated and satisfied? I hope really not, and it is not the impression the players leaving, when you talk with them before and after the matches. They express still ambition and a desire to win everything. So show it, however.

Now, the reality is that the Danish national team no longer has its own destiny in hand. We must have the help of the Island, which must beat Hungary. Subsequent to Denmark even defeat Russia by at least two goals to advance to the mellemrunden.

the first two rounds in the group seems Island to be the strongest teams, and there is no doubt that Gudmundur Gudmundsson, his players, and the many icelandic fans in the hall will do everything to get two points with over mellemrunden. It will give Iceland a fine starting point to reach the semi-finals in Stockholm next weekend.

Winner of Iceland as expected over Hungary, Denmark should be able to get the job done against Russia, which do not have impressed at the tournament. The russians were totally divorced of towards the Island, and it was almost like you sat down and had a little evil of Putin’s sons. Russia earlier a håndboldstormagt, but now it looked more like a team, which most of all had the desire to drown the sorrows in a solid bottle of Standard Vodka. It is now also no call.

Hungary is playing first, by the Danish national team, what is at stake in the fight against Russia. But regardless of whether there is a possibility for the Danish advancement or not, owe the team to show both the zest and the joy of the game. And much like the proof of why we are both the OLYMPICS and the WORLD cup-guldvindere.

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