Mai Manniche stood in 2017 forward and told about an illness she had struggled with throughout his life. Jewellery designer suffering of the skin disease psoriasis, which affects her everyday life.

at the Time, it influenced her, however, subsequently hard psychologically, and she therefore decided to go more silent with the doors. Now she has, however, taken a decision that she will once again put the focus on the disease. The she writes on her blog.

‘I have lived with the disease all my life, some periods in the harder degree than others – and it has also in the degree claimed one part tears. Why me? Why do I have the disease? Question I again and again have asked myself – and continue to in the dark moments can make myself. But it is, as it is, and I have a responsibility. A responsibility to show others that you can live really well and be velbehandlet with psoriasis’, she writes.

for this reason, the Mai Manniche now for a great interview with Psoriasisforeningens medlemsmagasin, ‘Skin & Beauty’, which appeared in the beginning of december.

– to learn how to live with a chronic illness makes 100 percent stronger. To get a different approach to some things in life. It provides a new perspective. I am very aware of what makes me sad, and what I did not bother to use my energy on, she says in the interview, and continues:

– My psoriasis has affected me a lot, but I get it not better to feel sorry for myself, and it not disappear either, so I may as well learn to accept it and be open about it.

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For Ekstra Bladet says Mai Manniche about his decision about sharing his experience with the disease again.

– Then (in 2017, red.) I decided that I would no longer share it with the public, because it was simply too hard, and I was knocked completely out of it, ” she says, and continues:

– But in the context of ‘Beauty Bosses’ (Channel 4 series, red.) it was again focused on my disease and my eating habits, and then I thought: ‘Okay, now I must stand up about it, for there is simply too much focus on why I eat, as I do, and if there is something wrong with me.’ And yes, there is, for I have fucking psoriasis.

Therefore, she decided to go all in, and she contacted Psoriasisforeningen, as she has been an ambassador for.

– A few days after regret I, and I came in doubt as to whether it was the right thing to do (to stand up, red.). For it is hard to talk about her illness, and you become even more aware of it, says Mai Manniche, who is now more ready for the many responses.

– Now I have tried it, and I have been through it before. You are never quite ready for the reactions, but I will need to do it now. We are four percent who have psoriasis. It is many, and I can feel that I need to talk about it, ” says the jewellery designer, who would like to help others.

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Mai Manniche has long been aware that diet plays a big role in her health, and therefore she has also been very aware of what she puts in her body.

She has long kept themselves completely from things like alcohol and sugar, but recently made the she even a big lifestyle change, which she intends to stick by.

– One of my friends suggested me that I should eat plant-based. First laughed I of him, and said: ‘Forget it! It is never going to happen. I love the chicken, the yogurt and the kind of,’ but I have eaten plant-based for three weeks, and I can really see that it makes a difference, she says.

Mai Manniche has, therefore, going to continue with it, even though she will not call themselves vegan.

– I do not like the word, for I also go with the coat and love the leather. For me, there are many negative things associated with it, but it is the same diet. I have not touched the chicken, the milk and the kind of in three weeks, and it I with.

This, however, creates some problems in these days, when you have been happy for the christmas dinner. But it also means that christmas with the family at the Top of this year should be meat-free. They support her, namely in the decision.

– We should not have chicken, duck or roast pork. We should eat plant-based, ” she says, and tells that the rest of the family, however, must also eat some fish.

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