A Mclaren Spider 650s sports car broke Saturday in the fire at the Åsumvej in Vollsmose, Odense.

It tells indsatsleder by Preparedness Fyn Christian Holm to Ekstra Bladet.

– the Driver of the car lost grip and crashed into a tree. And then broke shortly after the fire, says Christian Holm.

There are no injuries in the accident.

– The two people who were in the car, reached out, before the fire started, informs the effort the leader.

the Trees were damaged, so we had to crop them. And the pavement has also been damaged by the fire.

the Fire Saturday afternoon off.

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the sports car caught fire after it collided with a tree. Photo: Øxenholt Photo
Run to the hospital
The Police indicate to the Ekstra Bladet, the two persons have been driven to the eftertjek at Odense university Hospital, but confirms that they do not immediately come to harm.

According to the police vagtchef Henrik Krøjgaard by the police, what has been the driver to lose control of the luxury car.

– But one could guess that it can happen, if you are here to press a little too much on the accelerator, says vagtchefen.

– But we have not suspected, that the driver has been affected.

A Mclaren Spider 650s weighs 1747 kg, has eight cylinders and can run for 8.5 kilometers per liter.

Its maximum speed is 329 km/h.