the ‘X-Factor’-judge Nanna ‘Oh Land’ Fabricius was in great difficulties, when she Saturday night should settle the ‘Five chair challenge’ for its adult soloists.

Not enough with that she was seriously cloudy with participant Michael Dandanell, when she asked him to sing Kim Larsen and the subsequent interrupted him, because he sounded too much like Kim Larsen. She also managed along the way to assign to Danielle Raven a chair, which meant that John Obhasa P. Clausen had to leave the program.

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It’s got both co-judges, competitors and audience to sit speechless before buh the cries took over. Here faltered, Oh Land, who announced Cecilia and Gertrude, that one of them had to leave the program instead. But after a short exchange of views with Gertrud choice fell so suddenly at Danielle, who in record time had to give its new chair, so John could come back.

” It was very, very confusing, and I didn’t understand my court action at all. I hadn’t gotten the least bit of criticism, either from her or her sitting on the bench, and still smoking, I like the first, after all the chairs are filled, said John Obhasa P. Clausen to Ekstra Bladet.

When he was asked to return to the stage, he came in conflict with itself.

– I was maybe a little bit outraged by her choice, so I thought that it all could be just very much, ” says John Obhasa P. Clausen, who says that not everything came to pass, as you saw on tv.

– On the monitors backstage, I could see that her ministers were inside, and whisper her in the ear. I don’t think it was her own decision to let me come back, but I would like to continue it here – also, knowing that it was not my judge’s own decision to bring me in again

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How are you with to have a mentor, who is so bad at making decisions. She then came out also in the case of Gertrud?

– Yes, it is the just it. In relation to the bad decisions made it’s just that I felt I was on uncertain grounds for bootcampen. I think I got the chance, because she could see that if she had been firm, there would have been very, very bad mood around her, he explains.

John had to experience first to lose his chair, then he got it again. He is convinced that it was not Oh the Country’s own choice. Photo: Lasse Lagoni/TV2

Danielle Raven was also a victim of Oh Land’s indecision when she had to deliver his chair again, without a new participant had reached to take the stage. She says that she felt it went well, as she sang in front of the judges, but Oh Land did not have the big scam to her.

– I think it was strange that John’s chair was my. He was a darling, and he did it really well. It was strange that she threw him out, I think she should have chosen another, but she should be able to see the vision in it, she explains.

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When she took John’s chair buhede the audience, and the hall boiled. It was not a nice experience.

– It is uncomfortable to sit and be junk. The audience are encouraged to shout the number of the chair, who should be out, and when you are reduced to a stolenummer, it is not nice. So it seems I actually is a bit ugly. I was prepared for it, but it is special that someone yells the number of the chair you are sitting on, says Danielle Raven, and stresses once again that she had it bad with that John came back in the program.

– John should not have been out. He is mega talented, and he has the absolute ear. He is mega-talented and plays all the time, she says.

Danielle call it uncomfortable, as she sat on the chair during that incident. Photo: Lasse Lagoni/TV2

In the eye of the hurricane stood Nanna ‘Oh Land’ Fabricius, who was shot at from all sides and therefore also ended up having to make its decision. In an email, she talks about Saturday’s drama.

‘It is a crucial moment and important, that you have taken the right choice in the end – even if it means that you must correct some errors. It was definitely a big pressure, and incredibly sore to sit in the situation, but I landed ultimately in the right place, and I am glad that I let my doubt get to me for good.’

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She may well fret on Jacob’s behalf.

‘It of course, I was upset on her behalf. I gave her a chair for her efforts and development. But as I also said, I had to remember the overall picture and keep in the participants, I feel I have a clear vision.’

In the next week’s ‘X Factor’ is the Thomas Culture that occupies the space in focus, when the five slots for the program’s young artists to be distributed.