the Democrats have over the past three days presented the party’s case against the u.s. president.

Trump accused of having abused his power by trying to pressure Ukraine to engage in a study of the political rival Joe Biden.

Additionally accused him for trying to hinder the Congress to investigate the matter.

Adam Schiff, who on the night of Saturday rounded the Democratic åbningsargument, stressed that it is irrelevant whether you like Trump or not.

What matters, is that he represents a danger for the country, because he will do it again, said among other Schiff.

– It is the Trump first, not AMERICA first or the american values first, said he further, according to the AFP news agency.

Schiff called the 100 senators to conduct a fair case against Trump.

I pray you, I implore you. Give US a fair impeachment. It is she (the country, red.) worth, he said.

The next three days of the matter – Saturday, Monday and Tuesday – it’s time to hear from the Trumps defenders. Then follows time for questions and a vote on whether witnesses are to be heard in rigsretssagen.

– It will be much more concise, easier to understand and not flooded with the same information again and again, says republican senator Mike Braun on the Trumps upcoming defense to Fox News.

When the case has been presented to the Senate 100 members vote on whether the president is guilty or not.

a Two-thirds majority vote – i.e. at least 67 of the Senate’s 100 members – to declare the president guilty, if they are to be marketed.

The Republican Party is sitting on 53 of the 100 seats in the Senate.

It means that at least 20 republicans to go against their own party, if Trump should lose its præsidentpost.