Unibet dismissed in principle the case in the Supreme court, which means that the company should not pay millionerstatning to a spilleafhængig war veteran.

The state Supreme court on its website.

the Man had started court proceedings against the gaming operator, after he in 2012 and 2013, lost two million dollars on the game at Unibet.

the Money he had from a compensation for a psychological injury at work, as he was to have been issued as a soldier in Bosnia.

According to the krigsveteranen he pointed out several times over for Unibet that he played of desperation and not out of desire.

Even if he did pay attention to his gambling addiction, offered Unibet nevertheless the bonuses, so he could continue to play.

the high Court came to a different result. Here decided the court of appeal, that Unibet had to pay the man 1.2 million dollars in damages.

But now, the Supreme court has thus reversed the decision of the head. In Thursday’s judgment, it appears that the husband should pay the money back.

the Court in Herning, denmark, was the first instance that examined the case. Here dismissed the action, like the Supreme court of Unibet.

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