Toldstyrelsen has seized the entire 176 kilos of khat from Africa.

It informs Toldstyrelsen in a press release.

The large amount of khat was seized on Wednesday last week, where it was packed on a pallet that arrived from Africa and was selected for the control of the customs officers at the Cargo Center Billund Airport.

Several large boxes on the pallet was marked as ‘the’ and sent to a private individual.

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Khat is a drug, which is mainly consumed by chewing on the leaves. Photo: Toldstyrelsen

It was a narkohund from Toldstyrelsen, which was looking at the packages, and subsequently found the customs of the many seized kilos of khat.

On the basis of our analytical work statement we the boxes of control, and we were, unfortunately, confirmed the suspicion that it contained a very large consignment of illegal goods.

– It’s a really nice bracket, as customs officers in London have made. Sydøstjyllands Police now stands for the further investigation, says Preben Buchholtz, kontroldirektør in Toldstyrelsen, in the press release.

the Facts about khat the Drug khat consists of the fresh leaves and stems from Khatplanten, which contains the psychoactive substances cathinone and katin.As an intoxicant has khat an invigorating and stimulating effect, which appears after prolonged chewing (approx. 1,5 hours).Khat can be smoked or drunk as extract, but is consumed in far considered gradved chewing.The Danish medicines agency classifies khat as moderately addictive.Well-known withdrawal symptoms are anxiety, restlessness, depression and aggression. Other side effects include difficulty sleeping, loss of appetite and mood swings. In addition, the identified impaired sperm quality, changes in the oral cavity and lower birth weight as other possible side effects.

Source: Health & Toldstyrelsen