Enough has Holger Rune had significant progress on the tennis court, but the economy has more than hard to follow, and his family have to dig deep.

Even though he will receive grants from both the Danish Tennis Federation (DTF) and Leschly Tennis Foundation, so there is talk about the contributions that must be paid back, if he starts to play the big prize money check.

It says his mother, Aneke Rune, who seems DTF’s priorities could be better for 2020, which according to her, the economic is the toughest year in the transition from the junior to the senior

– He gets the real ’only’ a loan. Where other federations pay training, training camps, physical trainers, tournaments with more to their potential top athletes. It works in the wild in the context, when you see both Robert and clara’s (Tauson) results internationally, that the equivalent is not possible in tennis, while a great many other alliance can.

She refers to that associated pay udlandsture for ungseniorer without the same international potential and finances elitetræning for them at home because, while there is no corresponding action for Clara, Robert and Elmer Mills.

the Trio don’t get paid to coach, travel or the like but is running on ’borrowed’ money.

Holger Runes victory at the French Open earned DTF in about a small of a million dollars, but none of them has gone his way.

– This is an award from the French federation for the development of grusspillere, so perhaps we had expected some form of return for that price, especially as Holger the real is under development, says Aneke Rune.

the Economy behind Holger Runes tennisfærd is largely family-run. Here is the French Open-winner with his parents by returning home. Photo: Jan Sommer
– 2020 will be a year in which no grants are from the tournaments, hotel and food, so it is a staggering expensive year. In the federation’s eyes, hear Holger is manifestly not in the category of ’under development’, but we do not see the brand on it.

He is halfway there, so it is far yet. He is very much under development.

– When this is said, we are obviously super excited for all forms of support, although there is talk about the loans, for the fact is that with regular income do not have a chance to be with here.

Aneke Rune will do everything for his son’s pointer, but she could use some more financial support. Photo: Anne Parker
– We are really happy for Freedom to Invest are entered for this year and for Humanostics , which also supports the Holger. In addition, there is a renegotiation of the agreement with the Babolat (ketsjermærke) but the agreement is – like the with Nike in the high level

the result – and ranking-based, so we must constantly balance development and results.

– We have as a family no problems with to finance much though, but it is only in conjunction with hiv, and turns, and we live by lots of goodwill from others.


Holger Rune launches next year its the process up by pensioners world rankings. Private

DTF-director: It is not a loan

– We support our best players, as well as we can, both financially and in everyday life. We support our best players with a very large percentage of our total elite and talentbudget, react director of the Danish Tennis Federation, Emil Bødker, on Aneke Runes criticism.

He does not understand that Holger Runes mother calls the aid of a loan.

– There is no question of a loan. But it is true that there is a tilbagebetalingsklausul in our agreements with the players, which, however, only comes into play if the individual player when a high senior level.

– It will in those cases be only a small inroad in a possibly good career. The agreement on the repayment is designed solely to ensure the support of future talent.

– Get a player not have the expected success, there is no refund of the money, and if you get success, contributes to the development of the next generation, ” says Emil Bødker.

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