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the Police are starting to piece a picture together of the 38-year-old Iben Salling Syrik and her whereabouts, after she two weeks ago was found dead mysteriously in the family’s cottage on the edge of the Forest in Vesterlund near Shanghai.

the Publication of the woman’s name and medieomtalen Saturday has led to Sydøstjyllands Police have received 20 to 25 inquiries in the case. It tells vicepolitiinspektør Carsten Thostrup.

– There is nothing essential new, but it has given us a better picture from someone who knows her or related to her, says vicepolitiinspektøren.

Iben Salling Syrik traded with horses and was skilled springrytter. She was found dead in the family’s cottage. Photo: Boe Østergaard

even Though it is two weeks ago, the 38-year-old divorced mother of a five-year-old son was found dead, it has not been possible to identify how and why she died and whether she died as a result of a crime.

But the police call it ‘a potential drabsefterforskning’ and working with an investigation ‘in full scale’, as if it were held that there was talk about killing.

the 112 – 21. dec. 2019 – at. 08:30 Ibens mysterious death is investigated as drabssag

Iben Salling Syrik was divorced and lived with his son, which, however, she had not at the time, where she was found dead in the cottage.

It was in this holiday home in Vesterlund, to the 38-year-old woman was found dead. Photo: Børge Larsen

On his LinkedIn profile describes the woman herself as jordbrugsteknolog, self-hesteformidler, teacher and international springrytter, that have acquired horses in the whole of Europe and resold them to customers around the world.

’My day has been a good day, when I have achieved my goals and felt I contributed to, that everyone around me has had a wonderful day’, she writes on his LinkedIn profile, where far is:

’My adventurous spirit is made, and I’m ready for the job, where I make a difference. Self hesteformidler has characterized most of my life, both nationally and internationally’.

According to The Central Business register had At the Salling Syrik until in the spring of a sole proprietorship, Syrik Horses, who traded with horses. It came under voluntary liquidation in november last year.

the Medium to Tell refers to the woman’s death, and the police also says in their description of the woman, she will be referred to as a ’hestepige’.

– There is talk about a quite ordinary woman of 38 years who has lived a pretty normal life. There is nothing that jumps out, says vicepolitiinspektør Carsten Thostrup.

the Police would still like information from people that know the deceased’s whereabouts 7. – 8. december, or as the well-known Iben Salling Syrik from the surrounding area, to have traded horses with her, from contacts, for example social media or in some other way familiar to the information about the woman.

– It can also be information about the persons with which the citizen considers to be relevant in relation to her, writes the police in the very broad appeal, which also stresses that information also can be found among citizens who are not from or around, but from all over the country.

the 112 – 13. dec. 2019 – at. 09:16 After the mysterious deaths: Police extend investigation

Police have kept their cards close to the body of the case. It explains Carsten Thostrup as follows:

– we do It because we must crack the case, and therefore we can not risk to give a perpetrator the advantages to reveal what we know or do not know. There is also a consideration for any future trial and to the parties involved. Where we stand now, we can still not disclose everything, but we can summarise the information we can provide.

Iben Salling Syrik was the owner of a black passenger car, estate car of the mark BMW, with registration number CK30844.