On YouTube, social media and various shows around in Denmark, Adam & Noah got people to laugh by taking the piss out of himself and the Danish society, but soon it’s over for komikerduoen with civil names Joel Hyrland and Hadi Ka-Koush.

Earlier in the year, they namely, that Adam & Noah will be laid in the tomb, when they are finished with the show ‘Goodbye and tjak’ at the end of 2020.

I am a 34-year-old Joel Hyrland to, but he also admits it has not been an easy decision to pull the plug on the popular project.

– It will be hard to say goodbye, for we have made it long. It is a kind of femårsjubilæum, when we go on tour.

– It will be nice to put it on the shelf and move on, but it is also sad to say goodbye to it. I’m going to miss it very much, but it is also fun to do something different, he says.

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Joel Hyrland tells that the preparations for the show are in full swing.

– It is going great. There are sold out to all shows at the Bremen Theatre. It is indeed a big cadeau, and we look forward insanely much to get off.

Joel Hyrland don’t know yet what will happen when he no longer has to be the one part of Adam & Noah.

– We put a lid on it here first, and then we look at it. We must be on tour throughout the 2020, so there is a long time for it to happen. So we are not come so far yet. We take it slow and one day at a time.

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however, It may very well be that comedy smoking a little in the background for the duo, who would like to bet more on the spectacle. However, it is also not a genre that is foreign to them.

Hadi Ka-Koush can currently be seen as the Skir during the year, the TV2 christmas calendar, while he also previously appeared in tv series such as ‘Deception’ and ‘the ways of the Lord’. Joel Hyrland has previously had roles in ‘the Eagle’ and advance ‘The other world’.

– My colleague plays the with in the ’Tinka and Kongespillet’ right now and make a lot of plays, and I also do a lot of. So I can imagine that we need to make plenty of plays, says Joel Hyrland, however, will not put the partnership with Hadi Ka-Koush completely on the shelf.

– We certainly does not exclude that we are also going to do something else together in the future, he strikes fast.