The Danish tycoon Karsten Ree has had the large banknotes up of the pocket in order to receive an alternative treatment.

To tells he that he has paid two million dollars to be treated with leeches. It happened last year with the researcher Serhat Gumrukcu, who is behind the Enochian Biosciences. A company Karsten Ree have invested large sums in.

– I’ve got a iglebehandling, so the part of it I know – that there is such a little non-traditional types of treatment for different things. I did not come over in order to be treated for an illness, I came over to try to clean out my system in the attempt to be better equipped against a blood clot, says the 74-year-old billionaire to the media.

He says further, that he has paid two million dollars for 40 days, which gives a price of 50,000 kronur per day.

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Ekstra Bladet has been in touch with his wife, Janni Ree, that with the Extra Leaf in the tube asked him if he had further comments. He had not. She confirms, however, the man’s leech-adventure.

It is not more than two years ago, to the billionaire Karsten Ree underwent extensive hip surgery, where he had replaced the left hip.

Karsten Ree has had problems with health in the later years. He reveals that he has been treated with leeches in order to be better prepared against blood clots. Photo: Linda Johansen

since then he has however, also been suffering with problems in the right hip, and it led to the, that he on Tuesday of last week underwent a major hip operation at the Skodsborg Kysthospital.

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For Ekstra Bladet told Janni Ree in the last week that Karsten Ree has been printed and is in recovery, but that it has been a hard place

– He has been hofteopereret in the one page earlier. Now, that was the other worn out. We have just been in Peru, and it was a really tough trip, for He could hardly walk, so it was really good, that he could get a time and be operated on, she said, and continued:

– But it has been a tough place for him this time. He has really big pain and very bed-ridden. It is a huge operation, in which he has got changed the entire hollow of the thigh. He has many pains about the night and sleep restlessly, so we don’t get much sleep.