Have you ever thought how good you are to watch football?

Whether it is in the stadium or on the couch, so will football seen by a great many people every time the ball rolling.

Are you one of those people, and you are better than the average to see with, so it may be that you need to consider a career transition.

The Danish company Veo seeking a person for the position as head of to watch the football.

the Veo has developed a solution which makes it possible for football clubs are easy to record their matches – regardless of the number they play in.

therefore, It has never been easier for you and your teammates easy to revisit the wild goal, as you have told us about all the city’s bodegas.

Since its establishment for small five years ago is the company’s smart solution reached 60 countries and therefore uses their cameras a lot of football matches.

They have programmed the machine to cut the highlights out, and the only thing they are missing is someone who can sort out the golden beads from.

It is here, you come into the picture.

– We need someone who can be with to celebrate all of the incredible the amateurs who provide the golden moments in the whole of world soccer, said Adam von Haffner, PR-manager at Veo.

If you have installed their camera resolution, so you have the opportunity to make your content available for the Veo, so your goal can come all around the world like this impressive faroese goal, which has been viewed more than 200,000 times.

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Should you be interested in in the future to take you paid for your fodboldkiggeri as a second scout, so you can find jobopslaget as ‘Head of Watching Football’ on Veo’s website.

It is still undefined how well the new head of the football-watching will be able to take paid.

– You’re not going to get 1,000 dollars in an hour, but it is fine paid. We have not agreed on a framework yet, but it’s just as much about who ends up applying for the job. As a starting point, we are seeking a person for approximately 20-25 hours per week.

– It is difficult to describe the dreams-the candidate, but we are looking for a person who burns very much for football. A natural talent inside to watch the football, says Adam von Haffner.

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