eventually she asks if I’m stupid – which in the reason is understandable enough.

‘My pussy is very hot, you want it or not?’ she asks as a kind of ultimatum.

– It is actually first here, it goes up for me, that I have not thought about, how I get out of the situation again.

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so writes the anonymous reporter TV2 Nord recently sent in the stripbar in Jomfru Ane street to investigate if it is possible to buy ‘sex in street’. the

the Reporter and the two male colleagues who had done him joined on undercover expedition, was in advance agreed that the most important thing was to get stripklubbens women in enerum, because they had a notion that it was easier to get them to open up, if we had them one-on-one.

And when the reporter after a short time, paid the 2,000 crowns for 20 minutes in the ’private room’ with a woman, it was not long before he was offered sex for 4000 kr.

– I resorted to the easiest solution and say that it is too expensive.

– not more than 30 seconds and a few ‘no, no’ from me, before the woman end up on a final offer for the ’full package’ of 2000 crowns, and want to know if she should download dankortterminalen, writes the reporter, who probably shouldn’t read with the TV Nord’s Facebook profile, if he is out for a pat on the back for his efforts:

– Næææææhhh, that was damn still good enough a surprise, is at the of the 657 comments that have received the most likes and laugh-smileys (121 stks). And Kenneth – who has scored 38 stks – does not seem, he was much smarter:

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– ‘the Unveiling’ as it is called, is a hope of sensationalism.

– But (the red.) seems as if it should cover a few trainees ‘ ‘christmas party’ that was thrown on the firmakortet…

– Our lord to the horse, writes Kenneth S, and Karsten H. continues with a little joke:

– It has always been called that, Jomfru Ane Gade, is so long because there is a girl at each end and pulls.

– So why so surprised.

– no big denouement, writes Karsten, but what are you thinking?