In recent times, several colleges and secondary schools been affected by the fnatudbrud, but they are not alone.

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Oksbøl Barracks just to the north of Esbjerg might indeed send all of their conscripts home in a week, because several living rooms in the barracks had been affected by scabies.

It writes TV2.

the Infection was begun early in november in a single room, where all 12 residents were sent home. Six of them were subsequently diagnosed with scabies, and the living room was cleaned thoroughly.

It was not enough, however, and persons from the six other ones were subsequently infected.

– Then we sent our entire team conscripts home in a week, so they could come into the treatment with the cream, and then the barracks could be kuldepåvirket, informs Henrik Way Kastrupsen, who is press officer at the Danish artillery regiment, to TV 2.

the royal guard
the Defense, however, has not only been affected by scabies in west Jutland. Also, The Royal Guard has been hit by the infection.

In the spring of last year had the royal guard, which keeps in All in the Zealand, repatriating both their companies of conscripts, which comprises a total of between 300 and 400 man, informs the press officer Thomas Helbro Raimann for TV2.

– It has been an ongoing problem since the spring, where we several times have had to send the living rooms, and even companies on the long weekend, so we could get disinfected, and the conscripts could be treated, he says to the media.


Scabies is a skin disease caused by scabiesmider (fnatmider), who digs times in the skin and put ægDer occurs fast very troublesome itched most get itchy, red dots of and to small blisters – especially on the fingers and hænderScabiesmider transmitted from person to person by close kropskontaktUdslættet and itching due to an allergic reaction against the mite and its affaldsprodukterEffekten of the treatment is good, if the instructions are followed carefully