Last year, the years the COOP and the Salling Group combined over ten thousand disadvantaged and the jobless to work for free or subsidised in their shops.

– There is a large, rich companies who abuse the system and abuse the vulnerable and the unemployed, saith the Per Tønnesen, president of HP.

the Outcry from the president in HK is shared by a number of people who have been in an internship with one of the two chains.

– I feel I have been exploited as free labor, Flemming Klitgaard from Brønshøj.

In the nine months he worked for free at the Supermarket. Along the way was the internship extended several times.

– I was asked a flexible job in view. I made me therefore take pains, and also said yes, when they would extend my internship to show your commitment. But after nine months of free work I smoked out ass and elbows, Flemming.

It was a wet rag in the face, and it shows, of course, that it’s about cool cash and not a damn thing else, he says.

NyDanmark – 16. dec. 2019 – at. 12:31 the Unemployed working for free in your supermarket

Flemming was in free-the-job training in the Supermarket for nine months. The course did not lead to a job. Photo: Private

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In this Special series we focus on how immigrants continue to struggle to get a place in the labour market – and on what we will get for the 13 billion dollars, to be used each year at job centres to provide all danes work.

Poul Madsen, executive editor-in-chief

Flemming Klitgaard hit in many years roasted hot dogs over the counter of a hot dog stand. But when he was hit by stress and anxiety, he had to withdraw from the regular labour market. He is therefore on the hunt for a flexible job to this day.

so far, however, only succeed him to get free in-company training.

– I will say that motivation is diminishing as time goes on. You go to work and make as much as your colleagues, but get nothing for it.

– My experience is clear, that the stores are heavy users of free interns. And it is clear. If the municipalities supplying them with free labour, then it is foolish not to say yes thank you.

Flemming Klitgaard is also a part of the Facebook page ‘Jobcentrets Victims’, which has over 17,000 members. Here are galore of posts from indignant unemployed, who have been in free-the-job training in one of the many shops.

‘This is the map and map modern-day slavery’ and ‘abuse of sick people as free labour’ are just some of the many acidic lookup. Shelli Andersen has been in placement in Facts several times. He is sure that he has been exploited as free labour and call the system of ‘modern slavery’. Photo: Ernst van Norde
Here are the supermarkets


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access to the file, which Ekstra Bladet has made, shows that the city of Copenhagen and the Municipality of Aarhus has entered into special agreements with the two companies in terms of free-the-job training and subsidised jobs.

In the agreements appears that, among other things, that the companies can receive grants for mentortimer and expenses incurred in connection with the administration, working with more’, when they have interns.

– It is strictly. The shop gets money from the municipality, while I was working free – how can it be in order? Ask Flemming Klitgaard, which was in a free internship in the Supermarket for nine months.

– So is it, you really feel taken advantage of.

– They send a signal that you are not worth anything – in fact quite the contrary. So you stand on the other side and have made a big effort without having received a single penny, says Flemming Klitgaard.

the Extra Leaf has studied the municipalities that has an agreement with one of the two chains, or both.

the Extra Leaf in the project ‘Job-gakgak’ examined why job centres don’t is better to help the unemployed out of unemployment. See the two minidokumentarer including. the

Salling Group: Municipalities presses on the

At the Salling Group has been hard to recognize the criticism from both HP and former trainees.

– When we stand as one of the largest purchasers of virksomhedspraktikanter, it is because we are a large, nationwide, company with many retailers manage, says Anette Vittrup, who is the hr senior partner in the diversity in the Salling Group.

– It is here to call it abuse … I understand so well what HP will with it. They would like to focus on this area, and it is fair enough, but to call it abuse is wrong, notes the Christian Vittrup.

Abuse is when you do something, you are not allowed to, but we adhere to all the rules in this area. So if you want to have changed the rules, so you have to go to politicians instead of to hang the companies out, she says.

– It would surprise me if there was anyone who was dissatisfied. But it is not what we hear the most of.

– It is rare, we find that they are angry at us – so is it the system, they are sour, because they are tired of several practices, or people who are tired of the internship in order to be admitted sick. It is the part of the gamete, says Anette Vittrup.

– It requires a lot of resources to get the trainees into. By far the majority, we get in the internship, are citizens who are far from the labour market. This is someone which needs to be taken in hand. Maybe they can’t speak the language or have physical or mental problems, says Anette Vittrup, HR senior partner in the diversity in the Salling Group.

According to Anette Vittrup is it not them as a company that is pushing for interns, but the local job centres, who are pushing for internships.

– It is not us who is looking for interns. It is the job centers, demand for seats, finds she.

– the Municipalities are financially pressed and have closed the municipal workshops, and then there are the only companies to send people out to. And this is where the ’boner’ we like because we are big – but it is, of course, all companies which are pressed to take more and more trainees in, ” says Anette Vittrup.

COOP: A piece of social work

Ekstra Bladet has spoken with the director of information Jens Juul Nielsen in the COOP on the general criticism.

– the Criticism is completely misguided. This is an effort we are proud of. We help people to gain a foothold in the labour market, he says.

– When you have not been in the job for many years, one needs to gain experience, and here we come into the picture. It is not people we would hire for the normal salary. It is not cheap labour or something, we earn money on. It is a satisfactory piece of social work.

– Otherwise it could not be done. As existed it is not.

– you may say, but it is not because we earn money on it. We see it as an effort to help people check on

– How we see it not at all.

– of course, There is someone who would like to be free of job training, but I think we do, we should do.