It ended up completely wrong, a group of young boys would make dørfis in a residential area in Cheshire, England.

the Group chose to call with Nicole Lyons, and it went not at all according to plan.

After the mother of two had shouted out the window, that she would ‘cut the throat of them’, she took it namely a step forward, fired up for my bf’s BMW and drove into two of the boys from the group.

It resulted in a broken leg for one of 14 years and scrapes for the other young boy.

the Two she was not, however, hold on.

It will write to the Daily Mail, who has followed the trial.

The young boy with the broken leg had to be rushed to the operating table.

the Police arrested the mother subsequently found in connection with the investigation into the posting on Facebook pages, where the woman had written ‘just so you know boys, I have put you out with the wrong house. In must never come near my home again. You will get your throats ripped out. I have seen your faces. I will speak with your parents’.

Nicole Lyons escaped the dog prison, because she recognized that she had caused damage to the young boys, as well as run irresponsible.

Judge Simon Berkson told the woman that the boys were innocent victims, and that she had used his car as a weapon.

‘They made just a joke that has been going on for several years. This was very dangerous, and deliberately irresponsible driving, and you are lucky that the damage is not worse, than they are’.

the Woman has apologized to the boys and has scored 20-month suspended prison sentence. She also has lost the licence the next two years.