Modeskaberen Ilse Jacobsen has put his luxurious hot tub in Hornbæk for sale for 32 million dollars.

It writes TV2 Lorry.

‘the Spa town of Ilse Jacobsen’ opened in 2013, but here at the end of 2019, ending kurbadsdrømmen so for the 59-year-old Ilse Jacobsen.

Behind the salgsannoncen is the real estate agent Adam Schnack in collaboration with Erhvervsmægler v. Christian Jessen.

Of the 32 million will get you a total of 456 square meters with 12 rooms that contain both a massage room, pool area, restaurant and fitness room. the

A tough year ends with kurbads-sale
In the Beginning of 2019 went design the queen’s Swedish company bankruptcy and for good a year ago, several employees of the company forward in the Berlingske tidende, and told of a poor working environment, stress and humiliation.

In the article it appears also, that the Ilse Jacobsen had lost several employment-related cases.

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About the sale of the Spa in Hornbæk is a consequence of the disappointing of the accounts, which also led to the branch in Sweden went bankrupt is unknown.