Sunday landed a plane full of Danish tourists in Tenerife without a single trunk. The baggage had been left behind in Copenhagen Airport.

– We landed around 13: 30. There we stood and waited 35 minutes, until we found out our luggage had not come with. It tells one of the travellers, Maria Fraas, to Ekstra Bladet.

– First we got to know that all our stuff would get up early in the morning, but later gave a statement that it is unknown as to when we can get our luggage, tells Maria Fraas, who is in Tenerife with her husband and their two children.

– Several families with children were now without diapers or anything, and Apollo has not even said sorry for the incident. I have never heard anything similar.

Head of communications and press officer at the Apollo, Glenn Bisgaard, says, it is regrettable, but that they deliberately let the luggage stand in Copenhagen due to the weather conditions.

the Plane, which departed in the morning, would fly in strong headwinds. It is therefore normal procedure to let your luggage and send it down with another plane, because the weather conditions goes beyond the aircraft’s range.

– But I have confirmed that the baggage will be handed out early in the morning.

Glenn Bisgaard explains, it is normal for this time of year that you choose to leave your luggage due to weather conditions.

– A second plane also being in the south, had to go down twice and refill the fuel due to the weather, he says.

Unaware of when the family Fraas received their summer clothes, contacted the Sunday the insurer.

– I have all day been going around in my winter clothes, but we contacted the insurance company and then got bought some summer clothes for the kids.

New crosses she fingers that the baggage with swimsuits popping up on Monday, which promised 24 degrees and sun from a cloudless sky on Tenerife.