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It can with the right trigger beads of sweat on his forehead, when here a few days before christmas to download the last gifts home to the children, grandchildren, and others who have deserved to be considered.

And if you at the same time easily lose the overview, when it comes to the most popular electronics, there is nothing to say to, if you nearly go into a panic before christmas.

Fortunately, it is not so difficult to find the right digital gifts for the price, as the budget allows. You just need to think creatively and sort large purchases such as mobile phones, game consoles and tv from.

The products requires often that the recipient is in on the idea. So instead of giving a gift, that ends up being the prey, you should check out our wish list here on the page, where the prices go from a few hundred to a little under 4000 dollars.

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Regardless of whether you buy online or in a physical store, you must be on guard. In some cases, the shops have special rules that makes that the gifts must be exchanged quickly, that you can’t get the money back, or that the purchase is binding without the possibility of a swap.

It is not unusual to be thrown a demo model or a used product in the bag, sold as new. It has signed the experienced several times. Therefore, you must always see the sales box thoroughly after. If there is evidence to suggest that the seal is broken or weird, you should ask to see the product before you leave the store.

Christmas is a feast for the scammers, that sell popular electronics – both used and new goods – with low prices and fast delivery as bait. If you’re not skeptical, you run the risk of buying ’expensive air’ and a disappointing juleoplevelse.


DJI Mavic Mini

If you want to give a drone which does not require dronebevis and is easy to use, you should go for this model to 3099 dollars. It is also sold in a special Combo package for 3899 crowns, which follows the extra wings, batteries and other equipment.

Better sound to the tv

Sonos Beam is the best news to those who want better sound for your flat panel without being ruined. For 2999 dollars, which soundbaren costs, improve the audio experience significantly. At the same time you get access to a variety of functions and services, as is found in Sonos’ universe.

Google Chromecast 3

the Alternative to the Apple TV is significantly cheaper Chromecast to 288 dollars. This version displays images in HD resolution, but you can also select the Chromecast Ultra, which shows the 4K from the selected streaming services.

Wireless speaker

There is a sea of Bluetooth speakers on the market. Ultimate Ears UE Wonderboom 382 crowns are nice to look at and plays quite nicely.

DJI Osmo Mobile 3

It is not only the drones, the DJI manages to build well. This digital selfiestang for 749 crowns are for the ambitious mobilfotograf, which will make video recordings, which looks like something a professional has recorded.

Wireless in-ear headphone

Two Danish companies are far advanced in the field when it comes to in-ear headphones which can compete with Apple AirPods. Jabra Elite 75t to 1499 dollars, and he made kate Track Air Plus for the same price. And it must be AirPods then select the Pro version to 2200 crowns. It is just very hard to get fingers in up to christmas.

rapid Charger for iPhone

Even if you don’t own the new and very expensive iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max, you may well get a part of the experience. The new rapid charger at 18 watts, which is supplied with the models, sells Apple separately for 249 dollars. Remember that the charger requires a USB-C to lightning cable, which costs an additional 179 dollars.

A long charging cable

It will awaken the joy in many homes to get a charging cable to the phone and tablet, which goes further than the standard. Select a cable of two meters or longer. For Apple’s products cost the cable original from 179 dollars, but Power has also a colorful series called Eletra, which fits for both iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Wireless over-ear headphone

Headphones with active noise reduction toppled forward on the market in years. We believe that, in particular, two are worthy of consideration. If the noise reduction means everything, you should go for the Bose 700 to around 2500 dollars. The slightly cheaper Sony WH-1000XM3 to 2200 dollars must you hunt for, if the sound is most important.

Wireless mouse

whether you need a good computer mouse at home or at work, Logitech is an excellent place to start. We tested the ergonomics of the Logitech MX Vertical to 579 kroner, which requires a little getting used to, but is really living up to the promise to give your hand a more natural position. Logitech MX Master 3 is a new to 765 dollars, which will doubtless be popular under the christmas tree.

Wireless charger

It has taken its time, but the wireless chargers are on the road to be quite popular. SACKit CHARGEit to 349 crowns got roses in our review. The device also acts as a battery pack. Regardless of the brand then go for a model with 10 watts or more.

Strap for the Apple watch

From 399 dollars costs a new original strap for it popular the Apple Watch. Remember to check which version of the watch, you are buying for, so the strap fits the watch.


For a few hundred dollars you can buy a new cover for the phone, which the recipient has. Original covers are in high demand, but you can easily find cover from alternative manufacturers, as most will be happy.

Apple TV 4K

There follows a year of free subscription on Apple’s streaming service, the TV+ with the purchase of an Apple TV. We recommend 4K-the version with 32 gigabytes for 1499 dollars.

Nest Home Mini

Better sound and easier operation are the two biggest news in the Nest Home Mini, which despite the name is still Google’s cheapest smart speaker for 449 dollars.

Apple Watch Series 3

With a price of 1699 dollars is Series 3 of the Apple smart watch is something of a bargain. There are models, which is twice as expensive, but this edition covers the needs of most.

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