KUMAMOTO (Ekstra Bladet): She came in like a samurai. Mia Rej. In the near three weeks she has filled the role as a reserve without a murmur, and in the battle of seven came to the copenhagen erhvervsjurist so in action.

15 minutes and 19 seconds, it was against the Netherlands. Mia Rej could have written several minutes on the client account, if she had not left her nose into a Dutch fist.

– I was just about to be a falling out with the doctor. I cried, Is it broken, is it broken? He said: I can fand’me not see if it is broken, when you have your hands up in front of the face, she says, loud in the mixed zone after the victory over the Oranje.

– I think I will get a hand in the face. It sortner a little, I can just feel there is something wrong, and then I run out. The other says: It bleeds, it bleeds! But I could not even feel it. How it feels now? As if there is one that has struck me on the nose, she explains at the copenhagen added a certain nasally twist.

You also sound like a boxer!

– I have such a sponge up in the nose, so I can’t breathe through one nostril. We do not think that there is something happened with the nose. I have a gash, which probably will be done later, but that’s it. It was all worth it, as the shot went in, the cheering, she.

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Photo: Bo Amstrup

It is never an easy task to step into an established team that is relatively new, even though you’re 29. Last year she was stopped by a korsbåndsskade two months before the european championship – now she has finally reached the goal.

Therefore she was also terrified of the nose, perhaps, was injured in the Dutch clash.

– I was mega afraid it was broken, so I knew the good, it would have been over before it was begun, says Mia Rej.

She hit the spot three times after an initial misses, and the effort is definitely approved. Mia Rej has a very optimistic approach to his game.

– We had not talked about, that I should do something special. I just got to know, I had to go in and play, as I usually do. It was great, but I had not at all expected this. So it was nice.

– I’ve had it fine as a reserve and has actually been quite settled with my role. It was how it was. I have not felt, it was annoying, but have tried to help the other as well as I possibly could.

You played in the chain with Anne Mette Hansen and Mie Højlund at the end. How did you experience the cooperation?

– It is clear that it did not flow completely smooth all the time, but I have the game together with Anne Mette Hansen in the past, and we have, after all, one form or another for timing. Mie Højlund falls well into the game also.

– well, I’ve been to all taktikmøder and tried to contribute as well as I can and trying to bring the agreements into in the game, says Mia Rej, that got a little interesting prelude to its slutrundedebut.

– I got the message in the night at two o’clock. At first they were (Klavs Bruun and Lars Jørgensen) inside and told that they would consider swapping me in and I would get to know for breakfast. An hour later, knocked on and said that now they had decided.

Then it is surely easy to fall asleep?

I slept really well last night. Of course I’m happy, but it is also sad, when it is at someone else’s expense – also because Simone Böhme is not harmed. But when you are in there, you are of course happy to be inside in the squad.

– It is a dream to come with the team, and get debut. I also think it was a fine battle, and it is, of course, I happy, says Mia Rej.

Now you shall just fix Serbia…

– to be completely honest, I have not thought two thoughts on them.

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