Usually it is not a matter for the police, when a bird dies, but since more than 200 starlings in december was found dead on a minor road on Anglesey in northwest Wales, it was still a task for the police.

And, after having investigated the matter to the bottom, believe the police now that they have solved the case.

It writes The Guardian.

the Birds were found on a stretch of road of about 100 metres, where several of the birds also lay in the nearby hedges. There was, however, no birds in the surrounding fields.

the Case was so mysterious, that the police got help from the state the Animal and Plant Health Agency to investigate some of the birds.

it showed an autopsy, that the birds had died of serious internal injuries as a result of a collision.

On the basis of the investigation, the police have stated that they are good enough not to have done a complete toxicological assessment, but that they are ‘pretty sure’ on the reason for the many deaths.

– The damage backs up the thesis that the birds died after hitting the ground, says Rob Taylor, who has been in charge of the investigation with North Wales Police, according to The Guardian.

– It is highly likely that the flock of starlings made a subterfuge while they were in the air, presumably to avoid a bird of prey. In this connection, the bagtroppen of the group not corrected in a timely manner, why they have hit the ground, he says.

He says that they are still awaiting a reply from the toxicological study, but they do not expect, that it gives other results.

– from what we know from other, from the birds ‘ injuries and from similar cases around the world, it seems that the flock has escaped by flying towards the ground, after which they have fixed up, but some have not achieved it, he says.

He thanks at the same time for the many emails, the police have received with theories from all over the world.

– Some of the theories were absolutely incredible and incomprehensible. We can only work from concrete evidence, previous cases and professional reviews, it sounds from Rob Taylor.