The absolutely oldest state in the whole of the u.s. state of Indiana has long been called Bob Vollmer.

Through nearly six decades, the older gentleman worked as a surveyor at Indiana Department of Natural Resources.

It writes NBC.

Bob Vollmer was a soldier in the Second world War, and in 1952 he finished a training as bioteknolog at Purdue University. In 1962, he was employed by the state, and since then he has worked with to collect data and record limits for state-owned grounds. But now, he says, is the body beginning to tell him that it is time to retire.

– I think the body tells when it is time. The doctors tell me that it is one of the reasons that I’m still working. I have good lungs, says Bob Vollmer.

He has now decided that the last day of work as a surveyor becomes 6. February.

He plans to use his pensionsår to get read a lot and to grow her own farm. Also does he dream about traveling to French Polynesia, which he knows from his time in the army.