the Pictures you meet, when you want to book a trip to Canabay Coral House Suites in the Dominican Republic at Tui, is delicious.

But that which met Jimmi Nielsen and the family consisting of three children and wife, when they got there, was literally a hole in the ground.

– My son has fallen down a hole they have made in gr├Žsplanen by the pool, so he has lagged the last two days.

– the Gym is closed, restaurant is closed, there is larvae in the pool and dogshit on the lawn. There are little things, but it is piling up, he says to Ekstra Bladet.

See Tui’s pictures: here .

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According to Tui it is some pipe for the pool, which must be changed. Photo: Private

And it is extra frustrating since it is a special journey.

– We have used our bryllupspenge on this journey, and then, of course, sorry, when it is the case here, says Jimmi Nielsen.

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According to Jimmi Nielsen looks like this is not at all what he bought. Photo: Private
Employees at the hotel tells that it is due to the renovation.

– But it was there not something about, since we booked the trip. So we had never bought it, ” said the unfortunate family man.

After a scrappy to Tui, was Jimmi Nielsen offered a different hotel. It would, however, cost him the entire 22.928 crowns, and he had to answer yes or no within 30 minutes. It was a no.

I thought, what the hell is happening?! There I was angry. They promise everything else, but there is nothing, it is too bad.

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Jimmi Nielsen was offered a the – to almost 23.000 dollars. Photo: Private
According to the Tui, however, there is a clear error on their part.

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texting is the expression of a mistake, ” explains Tui. Photo: Private


Tui: – of Course you have to rely on the pictures

press officer at Tui Aleksander Brohus believe that there is an error from the rejseselskabets page.

– currently, there are renovation in the hotel, why the restaurant, for example, is closed. Which has been offered to transport to some other restaurants, but we have now found out, that the conditions have been below our standard. It will, of course, we look at.

– But the pictures on your website show a completely different hotel than the Jimmi Nielsen has come down to. How can it be?

– You should be able to expect, that it looks like on the pictures. Our guides have been out to look at the hotel, like the owner of the hotel also have been out there. We have not been prepared, it should look like this. We are trying to resolve it as fast as we can.

– later, As he tries to come across at a hotel, he gets one alternative, which costs more than the original journey, and the time limit is 30 minutes. What do you think of it?

– This offer is a mistake. It is only one possibility out of several, and it is more expensive because it is all inclusive in contrast to the current hotel.

– However, the formulation is well hard?

– I have not seen the sms, so I could not say. But there will be one that takes hold of the guest tomorrow (Tuesday, ed.). If it has been expounded, as if it is the only solution, then it is a mistake, says press spokesman Alexander Brohus.

the Family is after the Ekstra comments have been moved to another hotel without extra costs.